Post-Lockdown Limited Edition
Pet Photo Shoot


Here's something to look forward to after lockdown...

These limited edition pet photo shoots are fun and take place as soon as lockdown ends here in Sydney, NSW. It is something fun and rewarding that the entire family can look forward to. The best part? 


It all goes towards a good cause! Your $49 Session Fee gets donated to one of our animal charity partners to help them during this difficult time.

What is a Limited Edition Photo Shoot? 

Limited edition Photo Sessions are a fantastic opportunity for those who have always considered professional photos of their cats and dogs but don’t want to go through the full Furry Munchkins Pet Photography experience.


These sessions are no longer than 45 minutes long and will aim to capture your pet's personality and their relationship with you. It's perfect for those who want to try out our session without booking a full pet photography experience or if you just want one or two updated photos of your dog or cat.


You’ll get to see the photos taken during the purchasing session held 2 weeks after your Photo Shoot. No digital files or prints are included in this session fee.

What's included?

To book a limited edition session, you pay $49, of which 100% goes towards one of our charity partners. You get to choose which animal charity your session fee goes towards.

This gives you a 45-min session time with one of our Pet Photographers. We're a team of animal lovers: Keefe (Cat Photographer), Joshua and Mavis (Dog Photographers) who are keen to meet you and your dog/cat after lockdown ends! 

Each session includes:

  • A 45-minute professional outdoor pet photography session at pre-selected locations in Sydney: Clifton Gardens Reserve, Clarkes Point Reserve (Woolwich), Bicentennial Park or Greenhills Dog Beach.

  • Indoor Cat photo shoots take place in your home. (Must be located within 40km of Thornleigh, NSW). 

  • A purchasing session over Zoom or in-person will take place two weeks after your shoot.

  • 100% of your session fee will go directly to the animal charity that you have selected in the booking form. 

  • All prints, products and digital files are sold separately.

They are only $49 to book and secure your session time. Images are sold separately.  

Remember, these sessions are limited and only a number of sessions are available.


Please use the calendar below to choose your preferred time and complete your details.

You can also purchase a Pet Photo Shoot on behalf of your friends and family to give them something to look forward to after lockdown! 

Charities we are fundraising for:

Dingo Den.jpeg

Frequently asked questions

Why should I donate to these charities during lockdown?

Like many of us, animal charities are struggling during lockdown. The charities that we partner with are doing their absolute best to provide the much needed care for their animals. We're organising Freedom Day Limited Edition Sessions to help raise funds for them so that they can continue the incredible work that they are doing.

Where will my $49 session fee go to?

100% of your $49 session fee will go towards one of our animal charity partners. You get to choose which charity you want this donation when filling out the form below and booking the date of your pet photo shoot. If you have any further questions with this, please feel free to contact us at 0404628424 or

Can I get Christmas photos taken during my limited edition session too?

YES! As it will be getting close to Christmas, this would be the perfect time to get some family photos done with your furry loved one too! Feel free to bring any of your Christmas props with you to our pet photo shoot. Humans definitely can be included!

When and where will the photo session take place? My pets would HATE coming to a studio.

Pet phoot sessions will take place whenever the lockdown in Sydney, NSW ends, we've opened up bookings from October 2021 to 31st January 2022. Photo shoots will take place in one of our 4 suggested outdoor locations in Sydney, NSW (for dogs) or at your home (for cats). They are: Clifton Gardens Reserve, Clarkes Point Reserve (Woolwich), Bicentennial Park or Greenhills Dog Beach. For cats, the photo shoot will take place in the comforts of your home for cats (within 40km from Thornleigh, NSW).

My cat or dog is anxious around strangers, I'm worried that he/she will not cooperate during the photo shoot.

I totally get it! You love your pets and don't want them to be fearful. Neither do I. Before our photo shoot, we can have a chat over the phone to find out how to best earn your cat/dog's trust. Having photographed numerous catns and dogs over the past few years, I have many tips and tricks to capturing beautiful photos too. We can talk about what may or may not work with your furkids. Simply fill out the form and I'll get in touch with you to answer some of your questions. If you decide then that it's not going to work, that's completely fine.

Can I purchase digital files and artwork after the photo shoot?

​Yes you can! You will have the opportunity to order printed portraits and artwork at your purchasing session held 1-2 weeks following the photo session via zoom or in person. We offer beautiful wall art (canvas, metal and framed prints) as well as a coffee table book with all your favourite photos. Check out our prices when filling up the form to book your photo shoot.

What if lockdown gets extended or I need to reschedule my photo shoot?

You will be able to reschedule your pet photo shoot booking if lockdown gets extended or if Covid-19 restrictions prevent your session from taking place. We will contact you directly via email or via phone to arrange the next available date. Please note that we are doing the best we can to provide you with the best available date and time for your pet photo shoot. There have been a lot of photo shoots that have been rescheduled already due to the lockdown. Please be patient with us.

Can I book a photo shoot for my cat too? Where will this take place at?

Yes, most definitely! We have a dedicated Cat Photographer here, Keefe who absolutely adores cats and has 3 of his own. He will travel to your home to take photos of your cats. If you'd like to find out more about this and how he manages to make every cat feel comfortable during their session, email him at or call 0404628424.