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Cat Family Story #38: Kristoff and Ana

What are the names of your cats?

Kristoff and Ana

Where is your cat family located in?

We live in New South Wales, Australia.

What are the breeds of your cats?

They are both Siberians.

How old are your cats?

Kristoff is 4 yrs 5 months and Ana is 4 yrs 2 months old.

Where can we find your cats on social media?

On Instagram @keeping_up_with_the_floofs @makandcoaustralia

In a few short words/sentences, tell us about your cats' personalities.

Kristoff has a bright and playful personality. He can be found playing with water on a daily basis, playing fetch, and demanding us to put his harness on so he can go for a walk. He's a thrill-seeker and loves being thrown on the bed as part of his nighttime routine.

Ana is miss independent, she will come to you as she pleases, except for when food or the word hungry is mentioned. She can be found sunbathing, stealing Kristoff's food, and eagerly sitting down and putting her paw out even before we've asked her to shake. She's also a loyal toilet companion, she will always follow us into the toilet and cheer us on with her purring...we don't know must be her calling in life.

How have your cats transformed your life from the moment you've met them till now?

Besides the early morning wake up calls and the endless amount of fur around the house? Well, they've really brightened up our home, given us so much love, laughter, and happiness. We can't imagine life without them.

What do your cats mean to you?

They are family. They bring love and joy into our lives. They give unconditional love and affection and inspire us to be better people. We really can't remember much of what life was like before they were around. It's just so normal having them being a part of our family.

How did you and your cats first meet? Tell it to us in the form of a short story.

My husband has always loved cats but is extremely allergic. Whilst on our honeymoon, we were researching cat breeds and came across the Siberian breed which is known to be hypoallergenic (though it doesn't work for everyone).

We found a breeder at home who just had kittens so we organised for a meet and greet as soon as we got back from our honeymoon. We were in a room full of cats and miraculously, there was no allergic reaction from my husband. As soon as we met Kristoff, he instantly bonded with us so we knew he was the one.

A few months later we went again to the same breeder to get Kristoff a cat friend. There were three kittens left, and we brought Kristoff along with us. Ana immediately walked up to Kristoff and buried herself right next to him in his thick fur. We knew it was meant to be.

What do you think your cats think of you?

We originally thought they saw us as their providers of food. However, as time went by, it was evident that we mean much more to them than that. It was evident in the way they would wait by the door for us to come home every time we go out.

They also follow us around the home and will show affection to us. It's hard for us to leave them for holidays, however, we can see it's hard for them too as they are especially vocal and cuddly when we return. They do see us as family.

Your cats are part of your family. What are some things they do that make you think that they consider you part of theirs?

They give us their love and their time. This is especially evident when they give us cuddles and loud purrs. They're also extremely sensitive and receptive to our emotions. I have an autoimmune illness and often experience flares. On those days, they don't ever leave my side and will stick by me till I feel better.

What are some accounts your cats like to follow on Instagram?











Why do you feel that it is important to show the world that Cats are Family?

I think there's a lot of negative ideas around cats. This could possibly be because of the negative view of feral cats. I know my family had a lot of reservations about us getting cats.

Some had cat fears too because of past experiences. But they've really warmed up to my cats and will pass them around like babies in family gatherings (of course the cats bathe in all the love!). It's important to raise awareness that cats can be just as loving, cuddly, loyal, and caring as dogs are. We love dogs too of course (we've got a Japanese Spitz!)

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