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The Five Gifts of Christmas are Ready for You Thanks to Furry Munchkins Pet Photography

The perfect Christmas gift is not coming from the North Pole this year, instead, it is being delivered by Sydney’s leading pet family photographer, Furry Munchkins Pet Photography.

Of course, a present from the shops is nice, but this season we are offering something better. It’s an unforgettable experience for the whole family that will last forever, and that certainly includes our cats, dogs and rabbits.

Furry Munchkins Pet Photography has three different photo shoot opportunities and more to celebrate the festive holiday of Christmas, which we are launching on the 1st of October 2022. So, move aside Santa and let us share the purr-fect gift ideas:

Photos (above): Me with Gypsy, Lego and Banjo for our Christmas dog photo shoot.

Gift #1: Book the Family Pack Photo Shoot

Photos (above): Our Pet and family Christmas photo shoot happening here in Sydney

Did you know Furry Munchkins Pet Photography is different from family photographers? That’s because our focus is on pets as part of the pack. And we’re different from pet photographers, as our goal is always to showcase the relationship between pets and their human family members.

For this reason, we always welcome the WHOLE family to participate in our pet photo shoots in Sydney. Our team loves nothing more than watching everyone grow each year as they celebrate special events together like birthdays and the wonderful time of Christmas. You will want to come back every seven dog and cat years (which equals every year!)

Start this tradition by booking a Pet and Family Photo Shoot session for only $195 and receive 10 complimentary Christmas cards to share with your family and friends. We are now taking bookings for this pet photography opportunity until the 19th of November 2022 to ensure your chosen photography package and cards are delivered by our own reindeers with enough time for you to pass on the love to your nearest and dearest.

Photos (above): Chai and Thyme at their indoor Christmas cat photo shoot in Sydney.

In a nutshell, here is what’s involved in this awesome gift experience:

  • ALL dogs, cats and pocket pets like rabbits and guinea pigs are welcome to participate in the Pet and Family Photo Shoot. We suggest photos of cats and pocket pets take place at your home, as we are experts at helping the shyest of animals feel comfortable in their own familiar environments. Families with dogs may choose to have their pet photography session at your favourite Sydney beach or park.

  • Christmas hats and decorations are welcome.

  • Choose one pet and family photo to feature on the 10 complimentary Christmas cards. We have a strict cut-off date of 19th of November 2022, so don’t miss out and book your Pet and Family Photo Shoot now.

Gift #2: Enjoy Beautiful Blooms with the Jacaranda Pet Photo Shoot

Hues of purple will drape the limited Jacaranda trees of Sydney for a short period of time, from late October to November. This spectacular tree offers the most special backdrop for pet and family photography. What makes this experience so special is it only happens once a year for a few weeks at most, so time is of the essence.

Furry Munchkins Pet Photography is taking bookings for pet families from the 24th of October until the predicted bloom finishes at the end of November. Why not gift a Jacaranda Pet Photo Shoot as an early Christmas present to that special someone who adores flowers? Or gift this rare opportunity to your own household to share stunning photos with your loved ones on Christmas Day.

Photos (above): Evan at his Jacaranda tree photo shoot in Sydney, NSW.

This is how the Jacaranda Pet Photo Shoot works:

  • We’ll choose a location with Jacarandas that is pet-friendly in Sydney.

  • It is best suited to dogs only or cats that are comfortable being outside and walking on a harness/lead.

  • The cost of the session is $195 and includes a 5x7-inch gift print. Select your chosen photography package additionally.

  • Allow 1-2 hours for photography time. It’s that simple!

Gift #3: Get Festive with our Christmas Pet Studio Photo Shoot

The giving does not end here. Furry Munchkins Pet Photography is now taking bookings for Christmas-themed pet photos with your whole family for two days only. On Saturday, the 12th of November, our merry team of pet photographers in Sydney will take the perfect family portrait for just $95.

Photo (above): Family portrait of Gypsy, Digger (new puppy addition) and Banjo at Fagan Park Reserve

Here’s what is involved:

  • Rain, hail or shine, our Christmas Pet Studio Photo Shoots will go ahead in an indoor venue, and we will confirm the location soon.

  • ALL your pets – cats, dogs and rabbits or pocket pets – are invited.

  • This pet photo opportunity offers shorter sessions of 30 minutes.

  • For $95, choose one digital file or one small gift print. You will also have the opportunity to view between 20-40 beautifully edited moments, which can be purchased as Christmas cards or artworks.

  • Santa Claus will not be there, but his classic Christmas decorations and tree will provide a festive backdrop. These sessions always book out ahead of time, so be sure to get in first and click here to book your Christmas Pet Studio Photo Shoot for 2022.

Photo (above): A pet bearded dragon joins us for his Christmas pet studio shoot

Gift #4: The Purrrfect Book by US!

Photos (above): Get our book for a cat lover this Christmas! Cats are Family Sydney is out now.

Have you heard the news yet? We are so proud to shout out that our very own Dr Keefe Tay, has released a BOOK! Not only does he have the magic touch to make the timidest cats feel at ease during a pet and family photo shoot, but Keefe can also produce a collection of artworks with a very special cause.

His latest book, Cats are Family Sydney, offers its readers a beautifully printed 137-page experience that features cats of the capital city with their families. Keefe’s goal for this hardcover coffee table book was to photograph cats with their true personalities, quirks and loving attributes. It represents his passion for capturing the relationship between families and pets, which he now does every day with us as the owner and lead cat photographer at Furry Munchkins Pet Photography.

Cats are Family Sydney is the purrrfect Christmas gift for anyone that loves cats. We think it also has the power to convert anyone who may feel skeptical of a cat’s intentions! Your loved one will enjoy 40 heartfelt stories that celebrate the special bond cats share with their human families. Even better, a proportion of the book sales will raise funds to support the Cat Protection Society of NSW. The cost of this book is $95 and is available at our online shop.

Gift #5: Our Gift Voucher for Now or Later

At Furry Munchkins Pet Photography, we offer a gift voucher that will make the best Christmas present for someone special – it’s a gift voucher without expiry!

For only $195, you are giving your friend or family member a super fun experience at a pet photo shoot in Sydney with up to two of their pets and the rest of the human family.

Shortly after the session, they will receive a 5x7-inch print (valued at $150). If you wish to give more, your loved one can spend it on digital files or more beautiful artworks of their pets to cherish forever. This gift will make someone so thrilled come Christmas Day. Purchase our Gift Voucher here.

Any Questions? Contact us!

Well, there you have it – five fantastic gift ideas this Christmas, which include our pets and are a little bit different.

We are so proud to be able to take perfect photos of families being themselves. Let Furry Munchkins Pet Photography shine a light on your family’s love for your pets and enjoy this special time of the year together.

Call us on 0468 462 730 or book your free Meet and Greet with our team to secure your chosen pet photo shoot this Christmas.


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