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Choosing the best location for your Cat Photo Shoot in Sydney (With examples). Indoors vs Outdoors?

You've decided to hire a cat photographer to get your cat and family portraits! AMAZING! The next part is deciding where to have it at. With so many amazing locations to choose from, you're spoilt for choice!

Photo (above): Wayne Franklin posing in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge at Lavender Bay.

I'll share the pros and cons of both indoor and outdoor cat photo shoots. At the end of this blog post, you'll likely be clearer on where to have your cat photo shoot.

Indoor vs Outdoor Cat Photo Shoot

The decision to get indoor or outdoor cat family photos might be an easy one. It depends on a few things.

  1. Is your cat indoors only or do they go outdoors too?

  2. If your cat goes outdoors, which places are they comfortable in?

  3. Is your cat harnessed trained?

  4. Picture a few portraits hanging on your wall, where are these photos taken? What's in the background?

Photo (above): My cats Evan and Thyme having the best time with a running tap.

Indoor Cat Photo Shoots - At the comforts of your home

Photos (above): My cat photo shoot with Peaches, Pickles and Peanut at my client's home in Sydney, NSW.

Pros of an Indoor Cat Photo Shoot

  • Cats and family members are often the most relaxed at home

  • Numerous props to choose from at home

  • No distractions (no need to worry about other dogs, or people around)

  • Not weather dependent

  • We can take as much time as we need to earn their trust during the session

  • Easy access to your cat's favourite toys and treats

Cons of an Indoor Cat Photo Shoot

  • Cats might be so familiar with their hiding spots and stay hidden through the whole session

Most of our cat photo shoots take place at our client's homes. I love doing cat photography at your home because everyone is more relaxed. It is always a fun time, with your cat's favourite toys and treats all readily available.

Each indoor cat photo shoot starts out with me taking the time to earn your cat's trust. Time and space are abundant when we are in your home. Everything moves at your cat's pace.

Don't worry too much about lighting as I will bring some lighting equipment on the day. The only thing to consider is what you'd prefer not to have in the background for the shots. This may involve moving some furniture around.

Photos (above): My cat photo shoot with Solomon and Piper at my client's home in Lane Cove, NSW.

You can also combine a home cat photo shoot with an outdoor one. For example, I'll found that most backyards make for the perfect backdrop for some of our action shots. Check this example out below...

Photos (above): A beautiful cat photo shoot with Caesar (cat) and cat mum, Kate in her backyard in Penrith, NSW.

What an Indoor-Outdoor Cat Photo Shoot might look like (Best of both worlds!)

We will always remember one of the best cat family photo shoots of all time. It took place at a beautiful home in Lane Cove. We spent the first part of the photo shoot taking photos of Snuggles (cat) and his family inside.

After this, Snuggles showed me all his favourite spots around the garden and patio. The portraits were beautiful as the entire family had a relaxing afternoon. They told me later that it didn't feel like a photo shoot, but rather another lazy Saturday. I'm sure Snuggles agreed too!

Photos (above): Cat photo shoot in Sydney with Snuggles in Lane Cove, NSW.

Outdoor Cat Photo Shoots

Pros of an Outdoor Cat Photo Shoot

  • You get photos unlike no other! With stunning scenery as the backdrop.

  • Good natural lighting

  • Lots of fun outdoors

Cons of an Outdoor Cat Photo Shoot

  • Cats need to be harness/lead trained (unless in your own backyard)

  • Might take some time for cats to be comfortable in this new environment

  • Can be tricky if cats are not used to other people or dogs around

  • Weather dependent

Outdoor Cat Photo shoots are only available to specific cat families. These cats must either be comfortable exploring outside on a lead or in the backyard of your home. The safety of your cat is number ONE!

We will often opt for locations where your cat has been before. If we are going to a different location, it would be best that you take them there to explore before our session. We would suggest secluded parks or beaches away from crowds and dogs.

Some of our favourite Outdoor Cat Photo shoot locations:

1) Wendy Whiteley's Secret Garden, Lavender Bay, NSW

Your cat photo shoot here will be like no other. Wendy's Secret Garden is a beautiful garden that hides amongst Lavender Bay Parklands. We'll start our session right at the top where there is a small park that overlooks the water. As we head down, there will be lots of photo opportunities with flowers and lush greenery as the backdrop. We will then get to the water's edge.

The "money shot" is with your family right in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. There is even a small patch of sand to make it look like you're on the beach. This location ticks the boxes for having a beautiful garden, water, and city views.

Warning: It can get crowded especially on Saturdays! I will definitely recommend picking an off-peak time for your outdoor cat photo shoot here.

2) Sydney Park, Alexandria, NSW

Located in the inner-city area of Sydney is this beautiful parkland. Your Photo Shoot here will provide a variety of photos with different backdrops (some by the pond, others by the bush) As the parkland is huge, we can often find secluded areas for you and your cat to have a relaxing photo shoot.

3) Brays Bay Reserve, Rhodes, NSW

This is a nice quiet picturesque reserve located at Mary Street, Rhodes. There were lots of secluded spots away from distractions to take photos. With a number of backdrops to choose from, you and your cat will be sure to enjoy this location.


No matter where you choose to have your pet photo shoot, it matters more that you pick the right cat photographer for you. Someone who knows what cats are like and how to earn their trust. At the end of the experience, you will be sure to get beautiful photos of your cat and family up on the wall.

You may pick one of our favourite locations here or decide on one completely different. At the end of the day, it's about you and your family. Where do you and your cat have the most fun? Where are you most comfortable and relaxed?

What's Next?

I would love to help you with this cat location brainstorming process. All you have to do is to click here to contact me! Or, book your free meet and greet session with me here. Together, we can choose the perfect location for your cat and family photo shoot. I can't wait to hear from you soon!


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