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Keefe Tay | Sydney Pet Photographer 

Hi there! We are the faces behind Furry Munchkins Pet Photography: Keefe, Joshua, and our furkids, Chai, Thyme, Evan and Ollie! We are Dog and Cat Photographers based in the beautiful North Shore and Northern Beaches of Sydney and have been helping pet parents capture memories and create beautiful and timeless artwork of their furkids for the past 3 years. 

Really, this story is not about us. Rather, it is about you and your furkid. You can think of us a bit like your guide who will help you get what you're after. 

As Pet parents ourselves, we know just how important your relationship with your furkid is. Like you, we see our furkids as part of our family.


There are two problems you're struggling with today that we can help you with...


Photo: (Left) Keefe and Evan (Ginger fluffball). The day we finally decided that he was officially our third foster failure. 

Photo: (Right) "What did we do to deserve this?", says Thyme (grey cat) and Chai (white tabby) as they look down at Evan (ginger kitten). 

1) You want your furkid to live forever

 Like you, our pets mean the world to us. They are the center of our universe and we love spending time with them! They have the magical ability to make us smile and laugh even on the worst of days. We wish that our cats and dogs could live with us forever. 


The problem? No one lives forever.

Like you, we've gone through the loss of a furry loved one. My first dog was a beautiful Golden Retriever named Ginger. She was the first family member to show me how to truly love and care for other animals. Ginger was one of the best parts of our family and brought immense love and joy to everyone she met.

Months after Ginger had left us, I still look back at the photos taken of her with fondness and love. Today, we help people capture the best memories they have with their furry loved ones and create timeless artwork of them. Through these beautiful keepsakes, your furkid will be kept in your hearts forever.

Portrait of a Golden Retriever smiling with Christmas tree captured by Sydney dog photogra

Photo (Above): Ginger - Keefe's Furry Munchkie. She had the most adorable smile and the biggest heart! My inspiration behind Furry Munchkins Pet Photography. 

Golden Retriever puppy with owner in Sydney

Photo (Above): Keefe and Ginger when she was still a small adorable puppy. This photo of her will live on forever. 

2) You want everyone to know that your family comes first  

Like you, we don't see our cats and dogs as a crucial part of our family. We call them our kids because they mean that much to us. We will do everything we can to give them the absolute best, at any cost to ourselves. We are intensely proud of the relationship we have built up over time that involves a lot of hard work, discipline, love, and respect. 

The problem? We can't quite put into words just how much our family means to us. Not everyone understands how a relationship with your dog/cat can be so important. 

Your family's portraits by us will showcase this unique bond you've fostered with your furkid. Everyone who steps into your home will immediately know that family is the most important thing to you. Of which, your furkid is a huge part of it. They will see the way your furkid looks at you - with trust, respect, and affection. 

Photo: (Left) Joshua and his furkid, Ollie (Adorable Westie). Photo: (Right) A family portrait. Joshua, Jess and Ollie in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

"We are thrilled with the pictures. These guys were super friendly and relaxed and so good with our Brittany, Charlie. An enjoyable experience and we definitely recommend them for your Pet photography needs. " 


From Rachel - Charlie's Mum

What are you waiting for?

Join over 100 other pet parents (in the North Shore, Northern Beaches of Sydney and beyond) who have chosen us to capture memories and create keepsakes of their fur-family.


Contact us for help solving two of your biggest problems today! 

Meet our Furry Munchkies

Portrait of Dog at a Park in Sydney


With a scruffy coat and a silly fringe, Ollie brings lots of joy to his household. He is curious, playful and always up to mischief. He loves to make friends with other dogs or humans when outdoors.


Pet Parents: Joshua & Jess

Age: 1 years old

Loves: Bully Sticks, squeaky toys and his dog friends.

Nickname: Ollie Wollie
Little Known Fact: He plays with all his toys one by one, then leaves them scattered throughout the house.

Beautiful Grey tabby adoption cat by Sydney Cat Photographe


She's an absolute princess stuck in the form of a beautiful grey cat. And she knows it! Often considered the "voice of the three", she makes her demands known one way or another.


Pet Parents: Keefe & Charlotte

Age: 3 years 4 months old

Loves: Food & Water from the tap

Nickname: Thymey.
Little Known Fact: She is a Russian Blue cross (who am I kidding). Most people think so anyway. 

Portrait of Adorable white tabby cat biting christmas decoration in Sydney


The most mature and sensible of the lot. He clearly makes way for the other two spoilt fur-kids. But when they are nowhere to be seen, he is often chirping, prancing and ask for back rubs.


Pet Parents: Keefe & Charlotte

Age: 3 years 4 months old

Loves: Back rubs, boxes, canned food, peace & quiet.

Nickname: Chai Man, Chai-Chai

Little Known Fact: Thyme's "older" brother. The only cat who will come to you just for pats. 

Portrait of ginger kitten yawning by Sydney Cat Photographer


Curiosity killed the cat! Good thing this ginger boy has more than 9000 lives. Where there is something new, he will be also. Bottle-raised by us from the young age of 2 weeks old, he is a true "foster failure" story.

Pet Parents: Keefe & Charlotte

Age: 2 years 6 months old

Loves: People, cuddles, food, water from the shower

Nickname: OMG EVAN NO!!!

Little known fact: Named after the main character of the musical, "Dear Evan Hansen"