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I'm Keefe Tay 

I'm a cat dad, Singaporean living in Sydney, Veterinarian, Pet Photographer, author and Jesus follower/lover.

specialty coffee with milk, Japanese food, wowing customers with stunning pet photography, chatting with people about life & their pets, and carving out a quiet life that serves people and animals in need.

I'm very fond of: 


When I’m not busy working, you can catch me ...

Probably drinking specialty coffee with lots of milk and hanging out with my beautiful wife and our three cats, Chai, Thyme and Evan. 

Or ... Travelling back to Singapore to visit friends and family – Oh, and eating AMAZING food! 

OR ... Befriending the shy cat in a friend's home! 

What really lights me up: 

Being able to serve pet parents in Sydney who want to celebrate the love and special bond they share with their pets. 


  • They are the people whose pet isn't just a pet, they are one of their closest companions and family members

  • They've invested an incredible amount of time and effort into cherishing their special relationship with them 

  • They want to have memories of their fur-family captured in beautiful photographs but struggle to do so themselves. 

  • They want an enjoyable and comfortable experience from a professional and to get quality products in the form of wall art, portraits and photo albums that last a lifetime.

fun-filled photo shoot!
crunchie xx
omg crunchie is so cute
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I have a very special place in my heart for ...

Misunderstood, shy and timid cats, dogs and rabbits. Perhaps, it is because I see a bit of myself in them. My biggest joy in life is when I've managed to earn their trust all in our short time together. 


And pet parents whose pets are nearing their end of life. As a Veterinarian, I've seen many animals put down and sadly had to be a part of that. I've seen the outpouring of love in those final stages.  I've seen grown adults crying their hearts out. I've been on the opposite side of the consultation room table when my furry best friend, golden retriever, Ginger had to be put down. Nothing fills me up more than being able to serve people who want to capture beautiful memories of their furry loved ones.

fun fact: 

I didn't grow up wanting to be a Pet Photographer or Entrepreneur. 

At the age of 10, after my pet hamster died at the vet clinic in Singapore, I decided that when I grew up, I'd become a Veterinarian. My goal was to save as many animals as possible.

But here's how life's shaped up for me: 


I became a vet! 



(I realised that I didn't have any photos of the two of us together that I could look back on! )

Graduated as a Veterinarian in Sydney


Underwent open-heart surgery for the 2nd time 


Picked up a DSLR for the first time & shot my first pet photo shoot


Married Charlotte 


Started my business as a side hustle 


My furry best friend, Ginger had multiple health issues, spent 5 days at the emergency vet and sadly had to be euthanised.  


Moved back to Sydney


Evacuated our apartment in Opal Towers on Christmas Eve


Shot 15 dog photo shoots


Shot 7 cat photo shoots 


Adopted Evan, a 2-week-old kitten from our vet clinic

KP Profile - Email Sig..png

You'll eventually meet Kim!


Started the Cats are Family Campaign on Instagram 


Shared 77 cat family stories on our blog 


Shot 29 dog photo shoots


Shot 39 cat photo shoots


Shot 7 commercial pet business photo & video shoots


Quit my job as a Veterinarian to become a full-time Pet Photographer


Hired Kim to join our team - our amazing office manager


Worked in Newcastle as a Veterinarian 


Shot 4 pet photo shoots


Adopted cat-siblings, Chai and Thyme from RSPCA

20180630-KTA01956 - Keefe Tay.jpg

Meet our fur-babies Chai, Thyne & Evan


Shot 20 dog photo shoots


Shot 3 cat photo shoots


Shot 19 commercial pet business photo & video shoots


Trained two new pet photographers - Mavis & Helena


Wrote & launched my first book: Cats are Family Sydney

Book Cover Cats are Family.jpg

Cats Are Family Sydney

Published my first book! 

Furr Munchkins Team
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The Furry Munchkins Team



Boss Man. CEO. Cat Dad & Cat Photographer



Videographer. Dad to a lot of hoomans. 

2 - Keefe Tay.jpg


Rebel with more than 9000 lives.



Dog Photographer. Fur mum and dog whisperer. 

KTA07308 - Keefe Tay.jpg


The mature and sensible one. Secretly chirpy and loves a good back rub.



Prefers to jump for treats & spend my fur-mums money. 



Dog Photographer and dog whisperer.

KTA05484 - Keefe Tay.jpg


Princess stuck in the form of a beautiful grey cat.

Truffle Mavis.png


Professional Blanket & Pillow Stealer. Sits like a teddy bear sometimes.

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