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Keefe Tay | Sydney Pet Photographer 

Hi there! I'm Keefe, Sydney Pet Photographer based in the beautiful North Sydney. My wife Charlotte and I live together in our beautiful home with our three adorable cats - Chai, Thyme and Evan. 

Having worked with animals all my life, I have come to see them not just as pets but as part of the family. Family is very important to me, which is why I am passionate about taking photos to capture the visual story and memories of your furry loved ones.



Photo: (Left) Evan and I. The day we finally decided that he was officially our third foster failure. 

Photo: (Right) "What did we do to deserve this?", says Thyme (grey cat) and Chai (white tabby) as they look down at Evan (ginger kitten) at our old house in Newcastle. 

Photo (Above): Me with my two favourite labradors, Soda (left) and Holly (right) at the beautiful Sydney Western Parklands for their rustic farm photoshoot. Yes, there is a special place in my heart reserved for all retrievers!! 

Who Am I? 

I am a

Pet Lover.


People often ask me if I am a cat or dog lover. I always tell them that I adore them both! Whilst growing up in Singapore, I had a fascination with all kinds of animals. I'm the kid who loves to spend weekends at the zoo and helping out at animal shelters after school. 


 It took me an entire year to convince my parents to let me get a dog. It was a long year for them, I have to admit! It took bringing them to at least 50 pet shops around Singapore before they agreed to get me our adorable, Golden Retriever, Ginger. She was the best dog a little boy could have asked for. One, who will forever live in my heart and memories!

Now, my wife and I live with our 3 adorable cats. They mean the world to us! Call us Crazy-cat people, we won't deny it! These furry munchkins are our family. How do I love to spend my weekends? Snuggled up with them while watching movies with my wife.


Chai, Thyme, Evan & Ginger - My Greatest Inspiration 

She's an absolute princess stuck in the form of a beautiful grey cat. And she knows it! Often considered the "voice of the three", she makes her demands known one way or another.


Age: 2 years 4 months old

Loves: Food & Water from the tap

Nickname: Thum-Thum.
Little Known Fact: She is a Russian Blue cross (who am I kidding)


The most mature and sensible of the lot. He clearly makes way for the other two spoilt fur-kids. But when they are nowhere to be seen, he is often chirping, prancing and ask for back rubs.


Age: 2 years 4 months old

Loves: Back rubs, boxes, canned food, peace & quiet.

Nickname: Chai Man, Chai-Chai

Little Known Fact: Thyme's "older" brother. The only cat who will come to you just for pats. 


Curiosity killed the cat! Good thing this ginger boy has more than 9000 lives. Where there is something new, he will be also. Bottle-raised by us from the young age of 2 weeks old for what supposed to be "a day".

Age: 1 year 5 months old

Loves: People, cuddles, food, water from the shower

Nickname: OMG EVAN NO!!!

Little known fact: Named after the main character of the musical, "Dear Evan Hansen"



What Am I about? 

I am all about

Visual Storytelling.

“The most compelling story that any pet lover has is one of how their furkid changed their lives.”

I love hearing people's stories. Everyone has at least one amazing story to tell, don't you agree? I have been photographing pets and their families for two years now and it has been amazing! The best part of this journey has been the privilege of capturing and retelling this love story with their pets. During which, there have been many laughs and some tears, but every one of them has been massively impacted by their furkid in a positive way. 

Photo (Above): Ginger - My Golden Retriever with the most adorable smile and the biggest heart! My inspiration behind Furry Munchkins Pet Photography. 

My furry best friend, Ginger came to me before I ever picked up a camera. She was the first pet to show me how to truly love and care for other animals. Ginger was one of the best parts of our family and brought so much love and joy to everyone who came into our home.


If you visited my home then, you'd be greeted by a lovely smile and a wet nose. The fee to get into the house was always her favourite treat - Apples! I loved spending time with her, going for walks, and playing fetch. She wasn't the most well-behaved dog and actually failed Puppy Pre-school. We still love her though!

Ginger's story wasn't always an easy one. In the later stages of her life, she had to fight hard against her many diseases. After a few years of vet visits and hospitalizations later, we could tell that she wanted to go. Letting go of Ginger was the most difficult thing I had to do, it still pains me till today. 

Ginger taught me many lessons in my life. One of which is that:


"Every Pet lover has a story to tell". 

It might not have seemed like much to you, but her story means the world to me. I still look back at the photos taken of her and though there are some tears, those memories never fail to bring fill me with joy and laughter. 

"Do you remember the time that Ginger..." 

"Yes, I do!"

Photo (Above): Ginger and I when she was still a small adorable puppy. This photo of her will live on forever. 

Because those photos and artwork of Ginger will always tell her story no matter where she is today.  My one regret was not getting more photos of us enjoying ourselves together.


Months after Ginger had left us, I chanced upon a small polaroid photo in an old wallet of mine of when ginger was a puppy. Tears immediately welled up in my eyes as it was one of my happiest memories of her. Needless to say, this photo is now with me wherever I go...

Today, I help people just like me capture timeless memories of their furry loved ones. Through these photographs, prepare to see just how much you mean to your furkid and vice versa!

What is your Furkid's Story?

Your Furry Munchkin's story is unique and special! They transformed your life for the better, brought joy and laughter into your heart and home!

Their story deserves to be told no matter at what stage of life they are in.  

Why not book your meet and greet session to tell me all about it?


Keefe Tay (Sydney Pet Photography) 

Location: Sydney, New South Wales 

Email me at  keefe@furrymunchkins.com.au

Phone no: 0404628424

Keefe specializes in Outdoor, Natural light Dog and Cat Photography in Sydney. 

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