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5 Gorgeous locations for your Pet Photo session in Sydney (With examples). How to choose?

You've decided to hire a dog photographer to get your pet family portraits! AMAZING! The next part is deciding where to have it at. With so many amazing locations to choose from, you're spoilt for choice!

Today, I'm going to take you through 5 gorgeous locations for your dog photo shoot. I will also provide some examples of our favourites in and around Sydney.

First off, you're going to want to ask yourself some simple questions

Tip: Don't spend a long time thinking about these answers. Pick the first place that comes to mind.

  1. Which location/setting do you and your dog feel the happiest and most relaxed in?

  2. What is the first place that comes to mind when you think about bringing your dog out on the weekend?

  3. Is there any place that you have any emotional attachment to? (eg. the place you and your partner got married)

  4. Picture a few portraits hanging on your wall, where are these photos taken in? What's in the background?

Let's narrow down these locations into these 5 settings!

A) Park

B) Park and Beach (Combination)

C) Beach

D) Farm

E) At the comfort of your home

A) The Park Photo Shoot

It's likely that you already have a favourite park in mind. It is a place where you and your dogs like to frequent. It makes you happy thinking about this place. A park location provides a beautiful backdrop of green grass and tall trees.

These places are also perfect for your family if you don't particularly want to get wet (eg. at the beach). You'd want to pick a place where there's lots of space. This allows us to get lots of action shots of you and your dog without any distractions.

Some locations that we love are:

1) Centennial Park

Your photo shoot will begin in the beautiful park here in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. It is perfect for its wide expansive areas of grass and trees. Imagine getting photographs here that make your family look like they are in the middle of a forest.

2) Clifton Gardens Reserve, Mosman (See below under Park/Beach Photo Shoot)

3) St Ives Showground

Your photo shoot here at St Ives Showground, provides a few different backdrops. For the most part, the session will take place in a large fenced dog off-leash area. Great for getting our famous action shots of your dogs and family. To avoid the crowds, we will bring you through smaller paths that lead towards the bush. Here, we will be able to get some photos of your family in and amongst nature.

Beautiful Waterfront views:

4) Wendy's Secret Garden, Lavender Bay

Your photo shoot here will be like no other. Wendy's Secret Garden is a beautiful garden that hides amongst Lavender Bay Parklands. We'll start our session right at the top where there is a small park that overlooks the water. As we head down, there will be lots of photo opportunities with flowers and lush greenery as the backdrop. We will then get to the water's edge.

The "money shot" is with your family right in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. There is even a small patch of sand to make it look like you're on the beach. This location ticks the boxes for a beautiful garden, water, and city views. No wonder it's one of our absolute favourite locations to take photos at. Warning: Can get crowded especially on Saturdays!

5) Clarkes Point Reserve, Woolwich

Your photo shoot here will get your lots of stunning photos of your family in front of the cityscape. If you love the water and love to see the Sydney skyline as your backdrop, this place is for you and your dogs! The best part? The park has lots of space for your dogs and humans to run around in. A quiet and tranquil spot that makes for a very relaxing evening with us.

B) The Park and Beach Photo Shoot

These are by far our most prized locations. They provide for a huge variety of photos and is also tons of fun to be in. The pay off for your dogs is right at the end! They get to cap a fun-filled day off by running through the water. This will get you those stunning water action shots of the family.

Some locations that we love include:

1) North Curl Curl Beach

You and your dogs will definitely have a fun evening here with us! Your photo shoot will begin at a beautiful park nearby. Once we've got all the action shots and family portraits here, we will head to the beach. The beach is as beautiful as it is big! After a relaxing evening, you and your dog can cool down while running through the water.

2) Clifton Gardens Reserve, Mosman

Your photo shoot here will not disappoint! It is a much smaller area compared to North Curl Curl Beach and Reserve. But, this means that there will be a lot less walking around and is also quieter. This reserve provides one of the best locations for a park and beach styled shoot. Though the beach is a small strip, we find that it's enough to capture beautiful beach shots. PS: Park along Morella Road to avoid expensive parking at the Reserve.

C) The Beach Photo Shoot

A beach is our second most common photoshoot setting. Families who opt for the beach often cite the sand and water as their happy place. We've seen dogs that love running up and down on the beach, while others immediately go for the water.

Beach photo shoots are a ton of fun and make for some EPIC action shots of dogs running through the water. Some dogs like to be on the sand but not in the water, which is okay as well! Often times, families do end up getting wet while at the beach! But we often save this until the very last part of the session.

Some locations that we love include:

1) North Curl Curl beach (See Park/Beach Photo Shoot)

2) Clifton Gardens Reserve, Mosman (See Park/Beach Photo Shoot)

3) Sirus Cove Reserve, Mosman

If you choose this location, be sure to choose a weekday when it is less crowded. We'll let you in on a little secret, there's a secluded beach 5 minutes away that is as impressive. On the way to the beach, we will get some beautiful shots of your dog through the lush greenery.

D) The Farm Photo Shoot

A farm photoshoot here in Sydney? Yes!!! You can we're excited because this is one of our favourite locations for a pet photo shoot. If you choose this location, you'll get photos with beautiful farm vibes. Think about some areas of long grass and farm fences. PS: Sorry no farm animals included.

Some locations that we love include:

1) Western Sydney Parklands

There are so many locations to choose from within this one big area. Wherever we choose, there will be lots of space for you and your dogs to run around in. There is also a new off-leash dog park that is the biggest of its kind. It's called Shale Hills Dog Park with state-of-the-art dog agility and training facilities. Perfect for the active dog who would have been a farm dog in another life.

E) A Photo Shoot at the comforts of your home

Some of our best photo sessions take place at our client's homes. These make for the best kind of photoshoot for families who prefer a more relaxed session. It's great to see both people and their dogs feeling very relaxed in their own space. The best part is being able to use props from your home that adds meaning to the portraits.

We often try to combine a home session with a park shoot nearby. Your backyard might also make for the perfect backdrop for some action shots of your family.


No matter where you choose to have your pet photo shoot, we know that it will turn out well. At the end of the experience, you will be sure to get beautiful artwork to put up on your walls!

That said, it is still important to take the time to pick the right location. You might not decide to do a Pet and family photo shoot every year. So, it's best to choose the best possible location for your family for this session.

You may pick one of our favourite locations here or decide on one completely different. At the end of the day, it's about you and your family. Where do you and your dog have the most fun? Where are you most comfortable and relaxed?

What's Next?

We can help you with this brainstorming process. All you have to do is to click here to contact us! Or, book your free meet and greet session with us here. Together, we can choose the perfect location for your pet and family photo session. I can't wait to hear from you soon!

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