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Photo (Above): Wayne Franklin (Sphynx) and I enjoying a cuddle. 

From one "Cat Person" to another

It takes one cat person to know another. My three cats have brought lots of joy and laughter to my life. Chances are, if you are reading this, you know exactly what I mean! Every cat is unique and special in their own way.


Similar to you, I've experienced all the remarks about cats being "aloof", "unsociable" and "unaffectionate" creatures. Most of these comments come from people who have never personally experienced the love and affection that is built on trust from a relationship with a cat. 

Cat Photography is a passion of mine because it is fun and extremely rewarding. Through my photos, I get to show them to be the amazing creatures that they are.

Photo (Above): Diego amongst his favourite flower bed. A natural photoshoot that took place at the comforts of his home in Sydney.

Why get me to capture your cat photos? 

My specialty is in Cat Photography because I am a fellow "cat person". Cat people aren't weird or strange, we are just different in the sense that we appreciate the intricate behaviour of cats more than others. 


Having completed courses on cat behaviour and building up a niche for cat photography in Sydney, trust me when I say that you need someone who truly understands your cat and appreciates your relationship with them to take your cat's photos.

Cats do what they want when they want. They rarely pose for photos and when they have had enough, it can be difficult convincing them otherwise. Cat Photography is all about building trust and a relationship with the cat you are photographing. It involves lots of patience, huge respect for the cat and their owners and a keen understanding of cat behaviour.  

This is where I happily come in...

"The best part about cat photography is once you earn their trust, capturing amazing photos of them comes easy. After they begin to see you as non-threatening, that is when they reveal to their amazing world through their eyes. I love learning about my client's cats and taking the time to build their trust." 

From Keefe - Professional Cat Photographer Sydney

"Keefe understands how cats behave and was patient and understanding while Eubie took her time sniffing around and doing cat things as they do." 

From Yuki - Eubie's Mum (January 2019) 

"Our family outdoor photo session was a really lovely experience. We had a lot of laughs and Keefe was very easy going about our cat's skittishness. I highly recommend!" 

From Jazzie - Raven's Mum (January 2019) 

"We loved the photoshoot most of all. It was really fun! Wayne was very relaxed as the whole experience was very chilled. The photos just captured his personality in time and his love to be outside." 

From Katherine & Chris - Wayne Franklin's Mum & Dad (April 2019) 

"We absolutely loved the photoshoot the most! I think that Snuggles thoroughly enjoyed it too. It was very relaxed and felt like just any other Saturday afternoon at our home. We were all very comfortable and had lots of fun!" 

From Eloise and Hugo - Snuggles' human sister & brother (May 2019) 

"My biggest achievement from any cat photoshoot comes when they begin to feel comfortable and safe with me. Their personalities come through and I get the privilege of experiencing and capturing the story of why their humans fell in love with them." 

From Keefe - Professional Cat Photographer Sydney

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