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"We joined the Cats are Family Campaign to show the world that...

  1. The crazy cat lady stereotype is outdated.

  2. Cats are equal to dogs.

  3. Cats can do many of the same things as humans and dogs.

  4. Cats make great family members and can bond on a deep level."

Janet, Suzanne and Sushi @hunkysushi

  • BF86A66D-CF85-4263-AC54-BF094E0180EE - K


    IG @kate_and_caesar

    I was excited to be a part of this Campaign, but also to help bring it to life. For me, it was about not feeling “weird” saying I have a son or talking about Caesar with people and have them think “oh he’s just a cat”. He’s not just a cat! He is my son, my boy, my family. I want to change people’s perceptions about cats and that fur kids are just as important, and challenging, as non-fur kids.

  • 31A6D59C-DF54-4D70-8F30-C37E602FAD65 - R


    IG @roxythe_kitty

    We feel that Roxy is an important part of our family (not our child), but a very important member of our family who we want to make sure lives the best life possible.  That means making sure that she has lots of enriching experiences both inside the home and outside. We see this group to be another great way to connect with like-minded people and to share experiences, tips, and ideas to keep enhancing the bond we have with Roxy.

  • Engagement-047 - Richard East.jpg


    IG @vancatmeow

    Cats are such an important addition to any family. I think many are realizing this and truly seeing their potential as companions and fellow explorers.

  • IMG_9423 - Yuki Chan.jpg

    Tomoya, Hajime & Eubie

    IG @tomonhajime

    It's nice for more people to acknowledge cats are not just another object you have at home, that the bond is very much real, and not to dismiss others when they grieve for their pets. They are an important part of many people's lives.

  • 93520383_134906404770866_749851905059140

    Lucky, Dusty & Sunny

    IG @lucky.dusty.sunny

    I think alot of people get cats because they perceive them to be low maintenance. That's a mistake in my view. Like any relationship- you get what you put in. It's important to give them quality time if you want to have a rewarding exchange with them.

  • Photo of me and Evan - Keefe Tay.jpg

    Chai, Thyme & Evan

    IG @furrymunchkinsphotography

    Our cats have taught us they are a crucial part of our family and our family unit is already complete with them in it. My cats absolutely transformed my life! I'd love for this campaign to help others share their cat family stories and change the mindset people have of cats. It's time we stood up and showed the world how amazing and beautiful cats are. They can indeed be a vital part of our families!

  • B633121A-25F7-4024-8BF8-0702B5B96090 - B

    Lucy & Karma

    IG @catavanning_around

    I think cats are more like people in that they are very unique beings all with their own personality, with very specific boundaries that we have to honor. If we can see and respect them as individual beings and meet them where they are, we can establish a really wonderful and loving relationship with our kitties.

  • IMG_8054%20-%20Luna%20Blue_edited.jpg


    IG @luna_misty_blue

    I think it's important for the world to understand that cats are family because a lot of cats are bored, forgotten accessories at home or potentially unsafe outside on their own. Both options can do a disservice to a very capable and loving animal. If this campaign changes a few minds and helps to make a few cats' lives richer, I think that's worthwhile! Cats deserve more!

  • DSC_0160 - Hasara Lay.jpg

    Lumos and Noxie

    IG @theadventuresoflumosandnox

    When we share about Catexplorer, we often share that cats are underestimated. There are some unflattering stereotypes about cats because people see them through dog coloured glasses. We think that you truly don't know a cat till you have one in your family, and when you do, that's when magic happens.

  • 12 Splatter - Sarah Olewski.jpg


    IG @thegibsonchronicles

    One thing we'd like to bring awareness to is that although it's equally as awesome for cats to be strictly indoor, we'd also like to challenge those bringing a cat into their family to consider introducing them to the outside world (on a harness) so that they can participate, experience and share the world you get to be a part of as well. Try training them and having them go to cat school as well - they may surprise you with all they are capable of learning! 

  • FullSizeRender - Livia L..jpg

    Leeloo, Chilli, & Pingu

    IG @3_lucky_cats

    They are sensible living creatures who deserve respect. Just because they are small or look different or even behave differently to us, it doesn't mean they are completely different. In many ways they are alike. They want unconditional love and respect, that's when they are happy and you feel it when you look at them (for example when they sleep curled up next to you). Isn't this what we all want? To be able to give and receive love. 

  • 20191225_111607 - Yessy Riyanto.jpg

    Eevee and Nala

    IG @nalaandeevee

    I think cats are misjudged by a lot of people. In certain movies cats are also portrayed as an animal that would scratch, bite and hurt people. It's such a shame that people don't see the other side of cats. Its ashame that people can't see that cats also have emotions and they can be very sweet and cuddly! This include stray cats who used to live outside and have now become pets.

  • AB8AD586-717A-43A4-BE19-1D152F01A275 - j

    Bruce and Clark

    IG @bruce_and_clark_the_kittens

    Cats get a bad rep. This is pretty much down to us humans - so pretty unfair. We want our boys to have a long, happy and fulfilling life and we believe that is exactly what they are getting. It’s up to us as cat guardians to encourage the big cat inside our little cat to come out and show the world just how amazing they truly are! Nothing warms our hearts more than a cuddle full of purrs and makes us prouder than when they learn a new thing!

  • DSC_3692 - Dana Gilmore.jpg


    IG @meetmymilo

    Cats are often compared to dogs, or thought of as an easy pet to take care of. This is not true. Cats are just as complicated as dogs and when you adopt/buy a cat you have to understand and cater for all they're aspects (food, health, enrichment) throughout their long life. Many cats are adopted and the word itself means to "legally take and bring up as one's own". That is what you are signing up for when you adopt a cat. Another family member. 

"We connect cat families and show

the world through photos and stories that cats are part of the family" ​ 

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