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You're NOT alone! Get a FREE list of >100 Cat families on Instagram whose CATS ARE FAMILY too!

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Join our Cats are Family campaign and...

  • Be instantly connected to >100 cat families on Instagram

  • Get access to exclusive visual stories about cat families across the world 

  • Get free resources on how to grow your relationship with your cat, solve day-to-day issues and provide the best for them 

  • Change the perception people have of cats! 

  • Help cat families like yourself, be treated better!

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Over 100 Cat families on Instagram have joined the Cats are Family campaign!


Here's what they have to say...

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"We joined the Cats are Family Campaign to show the world that...

  1. The crazy cat lady stereotype is outdated.

  2. Cats are equal to dogs.

  3. Cats can do many of the same things as humans and dogs.

  4. Cats make great family members and can bond on a deep level."

Janet, Suzanne and Sushi @hunkysushi

"We connect cat families and show

the world through photos and stories that cats are part of the family" ​ 


More about the CATS ARE FAMILY Campaign

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This is for you if:

  • You struggle to find like-minded people who appreciate the relationship you have with your cats

  • You want to give your cat the best but don't know how to at times

  • You admit to loving cats more than most, they are "your world", the most valuable members of your family 

  • You want to grow your relationship with your cats

  • You want to connect and engage with other cat families 

  • You are open to learning from and teaching other members of the cat community 

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