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What is the Cats are Family Sydney Project? 

Cats are Family Sydney Vol. 2 is a Fundraising Book Project that celebrates the stories of cats of Sydney and the special bond they have with their people. The end product is a beautiful coffee-table filled with professionally taken photos of cats and their stories. Your cats can feature in it and help to raise funds and awareness for these cat charities: Cat Protection Society of NSW and CatRescue 901. 

What do I have to do to be involved? 

Book a photo shoot with Keefe (our cat photographer) in the comforts of your home. 

1 to 2 of these professionally taken photos of your cat along with a short write up will be featured as a double-page spread in this charity book. 

FAQS (Cats are Family Sydney Book)

Cats are Family Sydney Inside.jpg

How much will it cost me? 

The registration fee is $90 (for one cat) or $120 (for two cats), or $180 (three or more cats). 40% of this registration fee is donated directly to The Cat Protection Society of NSW and  CatRescue 901. 

What will I get from paying the registration fee? 

  • A professional portrait session for your pets with Keefe from Furry Munchkins Pet Photography.  This session fee normally costs $250. 

  • A double-page spread featuring your cat's story and photo in the Cats are Family Sydney book.

  • 40% of the registration fee is donated to our Cat rescue partner: The Cat Protection Society of NSW and CatRescue 901. 

  • Please note: The registration fee does not include the finished Cats are Family Sydney book, prints, or digital files - these are all available to purchase later. 

Our favourite cat photos from  12 completed cat family sessions and counting...


1. When and where will the photo session take place? My cat would HATE coming to a studio.

  • Cat photoshoots for the Cats are Family Sydney book will be held between August 2024 to August 2025 

  • Photo shoots will take place in the comforts of your home or specified outdoor locations for cats that are harness trained in and around Sydney.

Piper & Solomon-0075.jpg

2. My cat is anxious around strangers, I'm worried that he/she will not cooperate during the photo shoot. 

I totally get it! You love your cats and don't want them to be fearful. Neither do I. Before our photo shoot, we will have a chat about the things I can do to earn your cat's trust. Having photographed numerous cats over the past few years, I have many tips and tricks to capturing beautiful photos too. We can talk about what may or may not work with your furkids.

Simply register your interest here and I'll get in touch with you to answer some of your questions. If you decide then that it's not going to work, that's completely fine.

Our photo session might consist of us spending 70% of the time earning your cat's trust and that's ok! The best portraits come when cats are in their natural environment doing their own thing. Check out what some of our previous clients have said below. 


"We loved the photoshoot most of all. It was really fun! Wayne was very relaxed as the whole experience was very chilled. The photos just captured his personality in time and his love to be outside. We absolutely LOVED the end product!" 

From Katherine & Chris - Wayne Franklin's Mum & Dad  

3. Who is the Photographer and does he know cats? 

FVC Staff (Individual)-0008.jpg
FVC Staff (Individual)-0007.jpg

I'm Keefe, a huge cat lover. My wife (Charlotte) and I live with our beautiful three rescue cats (Chai, Thyme, and Evan). My life was transformed the moment Chai and Thyme (brother-sister foster kittens) stepped into our lives. Now, our family has grown to include Evan, our "not-so-little" ginger tabby.


They are all a HUGE part of our family - we are all utterly, head over heels (and paws!) in love with these three. I'm passionate about cats, well-versed in cat behaviour, and above all, willing to take the time to earn your cat's trust.


If you're interested in reading more about my cat family story, you can check it out here.


"My experience with Keefe was the most enjoyable, fun, and memorable time!! I'd always wanted professional photos of my kitty Diego, and Keefe absolutely blew me away. He made my partner and me so comfortable and became best friends with Diego - you can absolutely tell he is a cat person!! The photos turned out so beautifully, beyond anything I ever imagined!"

From Taff - Diego's Mum

How can I book my photo shoot and feature in this charity book? 

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Select your Cats are Family Photo Session below and follow the simple steps. 

I want to feature in the book but I haven't decided on a date. What do I do? 

Simply register your interest here and I'll get in touch with you soon. We discuss any concerns that you might have and then decide on a tentative date that might work for you.

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Can I purchase digital files and artwork after the photo shoot?

Yes you can! You will have the opportunity to order printed portraits and artwork at your ordering appointment held 1-2 weeks following the photo session. No minimum purchase is required. We specialise in wall art like this beautiful framed print collection below.

Cats and kids.png

"We absolutely loved the photoshoot with Keefe! I think that Snuggles thoroughly enjoyed it too. It was very relaxed and felt like just any other Saturday afternoon at our home. We were all very comfortable and had lots of fun!" 

From Eloise and Hugo - Snuggles' human brother & sister

Keefe, I'm still not sure if this is going to work...

That's ok, you're not alone! Many people who've approached us for photo shoots of their cats have felt the same way. I strongly believe that cats are capable of looking beautiful, being comfortable, and showing their true personalities in front of the camera too. 

Having taken professional cat photographs for 4 years now, I'll let you in on my secrets. It involves understanding my meowdel's motivations, earning their trust, and a tiny bit of photoshop magic. 

Take a chance and let's meet! I assure you that we can make it enjoyable for you and your cats. 

Wall art kate cat.png

"At our first session, everything was just so relaxed. Keefe listened to what I was hoping for and then took the time to get to know Caesar. The Photoshoot consisted of Caesar just doing his own thing and was not posed/stressful at all! The second session was even better as Caesar warmed up further."

From Kate - Caesar's Mum  

If you'd like to talk to Kate (Caesar's mom) about her photo shoot experience, you can reach out to her on Instagram @kate_and_caesar She would love to have a chat with you. (Keefe) 

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