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If you read my story in the about page, you'll know that I grew up with my furry best friend, a golden retriever called Ginger. She was the best dog a boy could have and I love her so much. She was part of my family! 

Every dog owner would agree with me that having a dog can be the most fun and rewarding experience of their lives. Having a dog literally transforms your life!  

Why get me to capture your dog photos? 

I treat every dog as though they are part of my family! I tailor every photo shoot to suit you and your dog's personalities, quirks, and likes. Having completed courses on dog behaviour and working with many different kinds of dogs, I've got a whole lot of tips and tricks to achieving a variety of photos for every canine. 

Your dog can't be off-leash? No problem, most of these photos you see below have their leashes artistically removed in post-production! Your dog photoshoot will be relaxed and natural with limited posed shots, tailored exactly to how you and your dog want it. 

At the end of the day, people and their dogs always go back having thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It's like an extended play/ hangout sesh for you and your dog! 

Photo (Above): Me with Star (middle) and Eloise (right) after finishing up our adorable family photoshoot at their home in Lane Cove, NSW.

"When your dog begins to feel relaxed around me and focuses on having fun with you, that's when beautiful photos of them come naturally. In our photo shoot, your dog will never be made to do something they don't want to." 

From Keefe - Professional Dog Photographer Sydney

"I love how Keefe captured the special bond between Lego and me. His photos told the story of the relationship my dog and I shared with each other." 

From Jun - Lego's Mum 

"I thought the entire experience was awesome! Everything was very easy to follow from start to finish. All the instructions were very clear. Everything was laid out very nicely and designed beautifully. " 

From Lesley - Penny and Ash's Mum

"When my clients look at their photos or wall art collections, I want them to see a love story between them and their furkid. The way their dog looks at them as if to say, "You mean the whole world to me!" 

From Keefe - Professional Dog Photographer Sydney

"My goal in every photo shoot is to capture the unique personalities of every dog. I want to showcase them doing their favourite things at their favourite location with their family!" 

From Keefe - Professional Dog Photographer Sydney

Keefe Tay (Sydney Pet Photography) 

Location: Sydney, New South Wales 

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Keefe specializes in Outdoor, Natural light Dog and Cat Photography in Sydney. 

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