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The Furry Munchkins Pet Photography Experience

Full of smiles and lots of laughter. Stress-free. Natural and not posed.

It's a time to have fun and to enjoy being with your furry loved one.

An extended play session that is relaxed, natural and personalized to every pet and their family.

Your adventure will begin the moment you contact us, with each experience personalized to suit you and your pet’s exact needs and personalities. Our photo sessions are built on the belief that beautiful photographs come naturally when everyone is relaxed and having fun.


If you are ready for us to capture some of the happiest memories of your furkid, contact us now to find out more.

"I thought the entire experience was awesome! Everything was very easy to follow from start to finish. All the instructions were very clear. Everything was laid out very nicely and designed beautifully. " 

From Lesley - Ash and Penny's Mum

How it works:
5 exciting steps

Step 1: Reach out to have a chat with us


We're happy to talk to you via email, over the phone or Online via Zoom. It is a time to find out all about your furry loved one and how we can help.


We will find out exactly what you want out of your photo session with us. If we can't provide what you are after, we will do our best to point you in the right direction. Just take the first step to contact us today.

Step 2: Have a relaxed, natural and fun pet photo shoot

Rocky, Atlas-0020.jpg

After talking to us, we will go ahead to confirm your booking. A full session preparation guide will be sent to you to help you and your pet prepare for your photo shoot.

The photo shoot is really just an extended play session. It is fun, natural and relaxed! Most of the time, we will encourage your furkid to do exactly what they want. There will also be times where I will work with them directly to get a variety of shots that you will be happy with. 

Step 3: Choose your favourite photos in the comforts of your home 

The purchasing session will take place two weeks after your pet photo shoot. It is definitely one of the favourite experiences for many clients. Here, you will pick your favourite photos and products. This will take place in-person or online via Zoom. 


Using state of the art software, we will be able to put your pet portraits on mock-up walls to help you choose exactly how you might want to feature your artwork in your home. 

Sydney Pet Photographer sitting down with dog owner at the comforts her home in lane cove as they choose the favourite photo from their dog's photoshoot

Step 4: Fall in love with your delivered products

Once the order is placed, your artwork will be delivered directly to your home. If you love opening gifts on Christmas and your birthday, you will LOVE this part of the Furry Munchkins Pet Photography Experience!


It is a time full of laughter and joy as you unwrap and begin to display artwork and photos of your dogs or cats for your family to see. Your furkid will almost always be involved in one way or another!  

Step 5: Relive the best memories with your pet with your artwork

Our promise to you is that you will walk away with a tangible way to hold onto your pet's memories forever. Whether it is a photo album, canvas prints or a wall collection, these photos capture and immortalize these action-packed and fun-filled memories of your dog or cat. These art pieces of your furry loved onewill be with you forever and will definitely stand the test of time. 

Beautiful framed prints of cat displayed in modern Sydney living room
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