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Cat Family Story #22: Hamish and Pancho

What are the names of your cats?

Hamish and Pancho

Photo (above) of Pancho (Left) and Hamish (right) taken by @hamishandpancho

Where is your cat family located in?

Sydney, Australia

What are the breeds of your cats?

They are both Rescue cats - Domestic medium hairs.

How old are your cats?

Hamish is 3, Pancho is 1.

Where can we find your cats on social media?

On Instagram @hamishandpancho

In a few short words/sentences, tell us about your cats' personalities.

Hamish: very smart and clever. He is playful when he is in the mood. He’s grumpy when Pancho annoys him. He is an observer and likes to supervise us and Pancho when we are doing chores. He doesn’t like being cuddled and occasionally likes tummy rubs and chin scratches.

Pancho: very playful. He loves cuddles and being close to us. He is very vocal and often meows when he is looking for us or Hamish. He’s a follower and usually follows Hamish wherever he is. He loves eating and is always in our face when we are eating (he also likes to go bin diving when he can smell chicken or fish in there)

How have your cats transformed your life from the moment you've met them till now?

Our world revolves around them. We don’t have any children yet and we treat them like they’re our children. There’s an overwhelming feeling of love for these 2. We get kisses and so much love from them when we come home after a long day.

What do your cats mean to you?

They are like our children.

How did you and your cats first meet? Tell it to us in the form of a short story.

We adopted Hamish from RSPCA right after we bought a house and knew we were ready to take care of a pet. We were a bit worried about Hamish after a while cos he’s by himself for a long time during the daytime and he has become a bit aggressive (biting and scratching us) so we thought he needed another friend.

So I found these 2 amazing sisters from Cat Rescue Mission who are rescuing cats and kittens from our area. They rescued Pancho and his brothers at 3-4 weeks old so we had to wait a bit to take him home. We knew we had to get Pancho cos he looked exactly like Hamish and we thought that they’d be perfect together.

What do you think your cats think of you?

Pancho thinks the world of us. We are his comfort and his whole life.

Hamish thinks he owns us. He demands treats and when to be fed and what he wants to eat (from a can or dry biscuits).

Your cats are part of your family. What are some things they do that make you think that they consider you part of theirs?

The meows, the kisses, the way they roll over on their backs and ask for tummy scratches, and how they love getting hand-fed cat grass (though they are more than capable of eating the grass themselves)

What are some accounts your cats like to follow on Instagram?






Why do you feel that it is important to show the world that Cats are Family?

Cats are so misunderstood and often have the stigma that they can survive by themselves for a while and that they are always grumpy. But really, they are just like dogs (or sometimes babies) who meows when they are looking for you, asks for love, misses you when you’ve been away for a while, and likes to be around you. I love this campaign because we need to get the word out there that cats are awesome!

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