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Cat Family Story #24: Mac

What is the name of your cat?


Photo (above): Mac out cat exploring. Where she enjoys it the most with her humans! Portrait was taken by @mac_fabcat

Where is your cat family located in?

We are in BC, Canada

What is the breed of your cat?

Rescue cat ❤️ - most likely domestic shaggy hair (short to medium).

How old is your cat?

Mac is 2 years old.

Where can we find your cat on social media?

On Instagram @mac_fabcat

In a few short words/sentences, tell us about your cat's personalities.

Mac is a spunky very curious cat. She is quite shy at first, but her curiosity always wins out and she is up for anything (so far). She loves to hang out with her humans and always wants to get involved in whatever we are doing. Although she is quite energetic and adventurous, she is also a complete snuggle bug.

How has your cat transformed your life from the moment you've met her till now?

Mac has helped us find a better work-life balance. In the past almost 2 years since she joined our family, we have planned our activities and vacations away from home with her in mind so she could come too. That was a whole new adventure for us and we are so happy we did!

What does your cat mean to you?

Mac is a full member of our family. She brings us a lot of fun and affection, she helps to keep us grounded, slows us down so we pay better attention to the small things. Mac is an indoor kitty with outdoor privileges, with only the two of us humans as her clowder. So we try our best to give her a stimulating life while keeping her safe.

How did you and your cat first meet? Tell it to us in the form of a short story.

We first met at our local animal shelter where Mac and her siblings were up to find guardians. When we went to visit, she and one sister were the only ones left of a litter of 6 as the others had already found families.

We entered their room and just sat down talking to each other, leaving the kittens be to just see what they would do. After a minute or so, Mac came to sniff Patrick's hand and greet us while her sister kept playing with toys. I had already fallen for her sweet face and her happily coming towards us was our signal.

What do you think your cat thinks of you?

I feel she thinks herself part of the family. She gets used to a routine and has FOMO if it looks like we may be doing something without her. We both give her food, treats, and go for walks so no favorites there. But she seems to have preferences for more cuddles with me and more play with Patrick.

Your cat is part of your family. What are some things they do that make you think that she considers you part of theirs?

The bond of trust and communication that we share; that can be many things that are not food or training related: for example a paw or tag to play, a slow blink ´I’m ok - are you ok?’, a ‘mrrrew’ with happy tail hello when I come home from work, family cuddles on the sofa...

What are some accounts your cat likes to follow on Instagram?

We love all the accounts we follow! Here are some that inspire us: @bodhi_theadventurecat













Why do you feel that it is important to show the world that Cats are Family?

We hope that it will help others see what amazing contributions cats make to our families. We also hope that it encourages them to consider adopting a feline family member and/or to do more with them for rich and fun-filled lives together!

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