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Cat Family Story #32: Tatsu

What is the name of your cat?


Where is your cat family located in?

We are in San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines.

What is the breed of your cat?

He is a "Puspin" short term for Pusang Pinoy (Philippine Cat)

How old is your cat?

He is 7 months old.

Where can we find your cat on social media?

On Instagram @tatsuthepuspin

In a few short words/sentences, tell us about your cat's personalities.

Tatsu is a happy and affectionate cat. He loves to play outside and stay under the eggplants. When he gets tired, he goes to his Meowmy and purrs like he's telling me that he enjoyed being outside.

How has your cat transformed your life from the moment you've met him/her till now?

Even after I gave birth, Tatsu's presence still comforts me, He serves as my rest every time we play together. I believe that Tatsu is sent from heaven!

What does your cat mean to you?

Tatsu is my firstborn! He saved me from my Pre-Partum depression. My pregnancy became more joyful with him at my side and his presence comforts me whenever I feel alone.

How did you and your cat first meet? Tell it to us in the form of a short story.

One day, we went outside for a walk with our two dogs and as we passed by the vacant lot beside our house we heard a kitten crying. The dogs went to where he was and that's it we took him home. He chose us.

What do you think your cat thinks of you?

Tatsu considers me his Meowmy and his poop cleaner. Haha!

Your cat is part of your family. What are some things they do that make you think that she considers you part of theirs?

He always follows me everywhere I go in the house. Tatsu watches whatever I do, and when he likes to go outside, he meows to me. It's like he is asking for permission.

What are some accounts your cats like to follow on Instagram?





Why do you feel that it is important to show the world that Cats are Family?

I want the world to know that cats are not worthy of being thrown in trash bins. They can save you from depression. They were made to comfort and accompany humans in times of distress and victory. They are family!

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