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Cat Family Story #35: Wolf

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

What is the name of your cat?


Where is your cat family located in?

We are in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

What is the breed of your cat?

Wolf is a rescue cat so probably a mix. Medium-hair.

How old is your cat?

She is 1.5 years old.

Where can we find your cat on social media?

On Instagram @wolf_the_catventurer

In a few short words/sentences, tell us about your cat's personalities.

Wolf is extremely curious and energetic, she loves to play and observe birds of all kinds. Her favorite spot in the house is by the window where she spends hours daily spying on the wildlife outside.

She loves car rides because they usually mean adventures! Her favorite thing to do outside is to sniff tires (I know, that's a weird thing to do) and sit and observe nature. She gets scared of cars, trucks, bicycles, skateboards, or any other sudden loud noise.

She usually appears to be quite relaxed but she's actually an anxious, strong-headed, stubborn, fussy kitty. Indeed, she is very particular about her litter choice and food options. She has an extremely high fear of abandonment and although she's not very cuddly she loves to be in the same room as me at all times.

She gets quite frustrated when I close the door to the bathroom and lock her out! She also loves to claw the furniture but refuses to use a scratching post.

How has your cat transformed your life from the moment you've met her till now?

She has taught me a lot about patience and the fact that humans always try to rush everything and get to the final destination as quickly as possible without actually enjoying the journey. It's important to take the time to sit and observe, smell, and take it all in. She has also taught me how to love again because she fixed my broken heart.

What does your cat mean to you?

Everything! As I am not planning on having children, she is the little creature I love looking after and watching her grow makes me so happy and proud. She makes me laugh, she makes me happy and I couldn't imagine life without her.

How did you and your cat first meet? Tell it to us in the form of a short story.

It was a late evening in November, it was almost freezing outside (near 0°C) and my neighbour knocked on my door with this little 1.2 pound shivering meowing dirty floor. He said he had found her in the middle of nowhere and she came running toward him meowing.

He tried finding her mom or siblings but they were nowhere to be found. He knew she would've died if he left her there but couldn't take her in and he knew I loved cats because I was always playing and patting the neighbour's cats. I took her in even if I had no kitty food or kitty litter. I slept on the floor with her that night and we cuddled all night. The next morning I went to the pet store and bought a few supplies.

I was only planning on keeping her a few days but I fell in love with her. She was always cuddling me and it seemed like she had adopted me as her new mom. I slept on a yoga mat on the floor with her for about a month because she was too little to climb on my bed and I didn't want her to urinate on it because she wasn't litter trained.

I started taking her on walks around the neighbourhood from the beginning, about once a day and it would take an hour or so each time because she was so curious and wanted to smell everything! Since then we've been adventure buddies.

What do you think your cat thinks of you?

She definitely knows that I'm her mom and only purrs when she's with me. She doesn't trust other humans and is very anxious around others. She knows that I can be loving and trustworthy.

Your cat is part of your family. What are some things they do that make you think that she considers you part of theirs?

As I mentioned above, Wolf only purrs with me and doesn't let other people pat her. She only cuddles with me and is always happy to see me come back from work (she puts her front paws on my thighs and asks for a hug while meowing and purring)

What are some accounts your cats like to follow on Instagram?











Why do you feel that it is important to show the world that Cats are Family?

Too many cats are abandoned, killed, or mistreated each year by irresponsible owners. It is important to realize that these little creatures can suffer just as much as humans can and they should have the same level of rights and treatment. They are not disposable!

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