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Cat Family Story #9: Garfield and Domino

What are the names of your cats?

Garfield and Domino

Photo (above): Domino (left) and Garfield (Right). Taken by @GarfTheAdventurer . Check out more photos of their cats on Instagram.

Where is your cat family located in?

Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

What are the breeds of your cats?

Garfield: momma was an indoor cat turned barn cat, dad was feral we think. Domino is a Ragdoll (momma) cross Siamese (dad).

How old are your cats?

Garf is about 2.5 years old and Domino is about 1.5 years old.

Where can we find your cats on social media?

On Instagram @GarfTheAdventurer

In a few short words/sentences, tell us about your cats' personalities.

Garfield the Adventurer lives up to his name... he hates Mondays, loves lasagna, has a doggo sibling that looks like Odie, and loves to explore. Oh, and when he turned 2, it’s like his cuddle switch turned on; although, he’s always had a super loud purr.

Domino is supper sappy with Nate, as her Ragdoll breed would suggest. She is full of attitude and talks like a Siamese. She also LOVES to play fetch and hunt!

How have your cats transformed your life from the moment you've met them till now?

They bring me so much joy and love and happiness. At first, it was just rescuing a cat (both Nate and I have had cats in the past, we like them, but consider ourselves dog people), then it turned into a furbaby that would go hiking, camping, and fishing with us.

Garf’s IG has now connected me with so many amazing adventure cats and their humans, like Roxy and Pamela (@roxythe_kitty)!

Photo (above): A family portrait taken by @GarfTheAdventurer . Check out more photos of their cats on Instagram.

What do your cats mean to you?

Garfield was just a rescue from a barn, Nate and I are dog people after all. Well, we were. Garfield was raised with 3 dogs and very quickly became one of the pack! We then got Domino about a year later so he’d have a kitty friend. At first, Domino hissed at the doggos and Garf. She warmed up to Garf first and he would clean her and take care of her. Now all 5 of them get along as well as can be expected.

How did you and your cats first meet? Tell it to us in the form of a short story.

Once upon a time, there was a cute little orange tabby, named Garfield. He had 3 doggo siblings, but something wasn’t right; he always felt he was missing out on something. So his humans brought him home a little white furball called Domino. A little white furball that hissed and spat and clawed. So Garf figured it would be best to kill her with kindness and would force hugs and cleanings on her. Eventually, the two would fall asleep together and all was well in the world.

What do you think your cats think of you?

Garfield thinks we are at his beck and call for food, snuggles, and treats.

Domino thinks we are here for her amusement to throw the mice and pet her.

I want to say that they do feel like we’ll all in one big happy pack!

Your cats are part of your family. What are some things they do that make you think that consider you part of theirs?

Garfield isn’t the most affectionate cat, but I know he trusts me! I can hold him like a baby and pet his belly and he will start to purr and fall asleep. He doesn’t head butt us as much, but if you walk by where he’s relaxing, sometimes he flips on it his back and acts all cute.

Domino is very picky, so the fact that she will come to Nate and me demanding pets suggests to me that she loves us. She will literally knock a phone, remote, fork, etc out of our hand as she demands attention. She’s not as good with strangers.

What are some accounts your cat likes to follow on Instagram?











Why do you feel that it is important to show the world that Cats are Family?

I really think that some people just have a cat in the house as a pet, and I’ve learned since getting Garfield and Domino that they are their own little personalities and I consider them a furbaby in every definition of the word. They understand our emotions and provide support on the bad days. They play and have fun on the good days.

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