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Erina Heights Vet Hospital review: Beautiful Hospital, Caring Staff

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

All photos were taken by Furry Munchkins Pet Photography.

The lovely receptionist welcomed me into the hospital. They all took turns to say "hello" to me. Despite having masks on, I could tell that they were smiling. I immediately felt warm and cared for.

As a Vet Clinic and Pet Photographer, I've been to many vet clinics. You can often get a sense of what the clinic is like by being in the waiting room. It was a cloudy and rainy day, but yet people were smiling and happy to be at the vet. It was a fantastic place to be in. As people came in with their dogs and cats, they received the same warm greeting from the staff.

Dogs that came in were given treats in exchange for warm hugs and paw shakes.

With renovations recently completed, it was a great time to capture photos of the place. Jade, the Practice Manager showed me around, she was proud of the place, you could tell. This purpose-built vet clinic was impressive! What hit me immediately being in various parts of the hospital was how much natural light came into the place.

Everything and everyone seemed to illuminate even on a dreary and rainy day like this. It seemed almost a dream to be working here! No wonder everyone appeared happy being here too!

Erina Heights Vet Hospital boasts a total of six consult rooms with plenty of space for everyone. What I loved the most was the dedicated cat "waiting area" and consult room. As a "cat dad", the thought of bringing my 3 cats to the vet often sends shivers down my spine. My biggest worry has always been how much they get frightened around dogs. It was so thoughtful having cats a dedicated quiet space away.

A dedicated cat only waiting area (photo above) and cat consultation room (photo below)! What a lovely touch for cats.

Before coming, I skimmed through what other people thought about the hospital too. The number of positive reviews stood out to me. It seems like people and animals love coming here! I could see why.

As we got to taking individual headshots of every staff member, I took the chance to chat with each of them. Everyone was super friendly and told me why they enjoyed working here. I find most veterinary staff don't like to be in front of the camera, but they were very sporting. There are a total of 25 staff members working here! A huge team indeed. We went through it quickly as everyone was very efficient. It was like that throughout the day, everyone seemed to know where they had to be. It seemed busy and yet everyone was calm and had a smile on their faces.

With a short break from the rain, we took the opportunity to get our group photos done. Group photographs are always a great time for everyone! Everyone was fun, bubbly and seemed to enjoy themselves, A LOT!

Everyone in the team welcomed me and those entering the hospital with open arms. It strangely felt like a place you'd enjoy hanging out in with your pets. I also had the privilege of chatting with Dr Melissa Kozaruk, Hospital Director (photo above, front-centre right) and Jade Bridge, Practice Manager (Front-centre, left). They both kindly took the time out to tell me more about the practice and the reasons behind why they enjoy their work here.

I got the privilege of seeing the team working together throughout the day. I got a huge sense that everyone from the front of desk team to the Vets and Vet nurses loves animals. They make it a point to provide gold standard care for both pets and their humans. Despite it being a busy hospital, you never felt rushed or that they didn't have your best interests at heart.

As a Veterinarian, seeing the equipment that the vet clinic has is important too! They have everything from dental X-ray machines, ultrasound, radiology equipment and a beautiful surgery suite. With plenty of space for lots of dogs, cats and wildlife, every animal that comes here have plenty of space and is definitely cared for.

Thank you so much to the team at Erina Heights Vet Hospital for having me around for a day. I know that these photos will look beautiful on your upcoming website! If anyone is looking for a Vet in the Central Coast area, definitely check them out. You and your furry munchkin won't be disappointed.

Erina Heights Vet Hospital

Dr Melissa Kozaruk - Hospital Director

Jade Bridge - Practice Manager

Address: 661 Central Coast Hwy, Wamberal NSW 2260.

Phone: 02 4384 5888

All photos were taken by Furry Munchkins Pet Photography.


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