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Everything you need to know about the Cats are Family campaign!

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

If you're reading this, you have likely experienced the joy that comes from your unique bond with your cat. Your cats mean that world to you and are definitely a part of the family.

Cats can be part of the family and we want the world to see that!

Not everyone shares your sentiment. There are people out there who only see cats as pets or worse, pests. You have the opportunity to be part of something bigger - To show the world that cats deserve more.

Photo (above): Roxy (Bengal cat) and her amazing family (Pamela and Kory). Photo taken by Lisa (Savvy cat photography).

Why did we start the Cats are Family Campaign?

  1. Our cats are very important members of our family who we want to make sure live the best life possible. We want to connect cat people with resources that enable them to provide better care for their cats.

  2. We want to raise awareness about cats. That they have their own unique personalities, quirks, and ways of showing affection.

  3. We want to show the world that cats can be part of the family. It involves developing a special relationship with them through trust, love, and respect.

  4. We want to connect cat families and communities. To share experiences, tips, and ideas that continue to enhance the bond we have with our cats.

Who are we?

We are everyday cat people whose cats mean the world to us. I'm Keefe, cat dad to Chai, Thyme, and Evan. I am a Pet Photographer in Sydney with a special interest in Cat Photography. I team up with the amazing Kate (Caesar's Cat mum) and Pamela (Roxy's cat Mum). But we're not alone. Many cat families, like you, have decided to join our cause.

It's like a lost kitten finding their forever home...

Remember the story of Evan, the lost baby ginger cat?

Photo (above): Evan (ginger kitten) learning how to skate. Chai (left) mentoring him from a distance.

Part 1 of this campaign is a bit like the time when we found him. He was scared and always crying. Evan was our foster kitten and we just wanted to find him a forever home. We shared lots of photos and stories of Evan on social media to show everyone how amazing he was!

  • Problem: Many cat parents struggle to find like-minded people who appreciate the relationship they have with their cats. The result? They feel isolated and hide the pride they have for their cat families.

  • Solution: We connect cat parents to other cat families all around the world. Together, we share photos and stories that show the world that cats can be part of the family.

  • Result: Both cats and their family are treated better by changing the perspective people have of cats.

Part 1 begins: 2nd May 2020 (Saturday) - Ongoing

Part 2 of this campaign is like when Evan found his forever home... with us! We love our 3 cats and see them as family. But, we constantly struggle to provide them what the best life with us! Daily problems include: Providing them with enrichment while we were at work. They also began waking us up at 4 am every morning!!!!

  • Problem: Cat parents want to give their cat the best, but struggle with day-to-day problems that challenge them to do so.

  • Solution: We connect cat families with like-minded people and provide resources to share experiences, tips, and ideas to better care for their cats.

  • Result: Both cats and their family find ways to enhance and grow the bond they have with each other.

Part 2 begins: Tentatively June 2020 - Ongoing

Part 3 of this campaign is when Evan was all grown up. We wanted to show the world how handsome he was and the model child he had become.

  • Problem: Cat parents want to show their cats off in creative ways, but don't quite know where and how to learn these specific skills.

  • Solution: We help cat parents improve their creative skills (Cat Photography, drawing and painting Cat Portraits, and lots more!)

  • Result: Cat parents better develop and showcase life with their cat family.

Part 3 begins: Tentatively October 2020 - Ongoing

What makes the Cats are family campaign different?

  • We aren't creating another cat community, we connect them!

  • We're focused on cats being part of the family

  • We help cat parents fix very specific problems within the family unit

  • We aim to make cat ownership fun!

  • We are inclusive of all cat families

The Cats are family campaign is for you if...

You are someone who:

  • Admits to loving cats more than most, they are your world

  • Tries to understand your cat's unique personality, quirks, and desires.

  • Wants to connect and engage with other cat families and communities

  • Wants to enrich their cat's lives

  • Wants to grow their relationship with their cats

  • Wants their cats to be happy and healthy

  • Is committed to developing a special bond with their cat

  • Is open to learning from and teaching other members of the cat community

Photo (above): Caesar (left) sharing a special moment with his favourite human being and cat Mum, Kate. Photo taken by me (Keefe), Furry Munchkins Pet Photography.

How can you be a part of the Cats are Family campaign?

This part is simple! All you need to do is to let us know that you're interested at the end of this post.

  • The next step is to share with others about your cat family by filling up our simple questionnaire (sent to your inbox).

  • Your stories and photos will then feature on our blog over the coming weeks.

The most exciting part is being able to connect with other cat families! Most of all, you can help by sharing this campaign with your friends and families on Instagram.

Once you're a supporter of this campaign, we will be releasing updates to your inbox. You will be the first to know about all our plans for the future and any latest releases. We can't wait to hear from you!


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