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Share your idea for Evan's Birthday! 
For a chance to win a $350 Pet Photography Voucher!

Entries close on the 11th of March, 11 pm.



Win a $350 Pet Photography Voucher!

Open to Pet parents living in Sydney, NSW or Canberra only.

Entries close on 11th of March, 11.00 pm. 

Help us make Evan's birthday 🎂 extra special! Share your exciting and unique idea and you may just win a Grand prize!

Prizes*: 8 vouchers are up for grabs!

  • Win a $350 pet photography voucher covering the Photo Session fee and including a $100 Artwork Credit.

  • And as a special bonus, you'll also get a charming set of stickers showcasing Evan himself!

So, submit your entry now and get the opportunity to win this fantastic prize!

*A $50 deposit is required to book a photoshoot date, this will be added to your artwork credit. 

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Share your ideas

Stand a chance to win

Share your creative idea for celebrating Evan's birthday by filling out the online form.


Wait for the announcement of the winners. The most unique and creative ideas will be rewarded!


Enjoy your prize! Book your pet photoshoot with us and capture beautiful memories of your furkids.  

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About Evan

Meet Evan, our loveable ginger cat who rules our household with his charm and wit. With his adorable face and endearing personality, he's easily the cutest member of our household. He has a special bond with my wife and loves to cuddle up close to her, purring contentedly in her arms.

Evan is known for his mischievous nature and his motto "do first, think later". His fearless and impulsive personality often gets him into trouble, but his adorable charm always manages to win us over. His playful antics keep us on our toes, and we can't help but laugh at his silly and quirky personality.

- Evan's Dad, Keefe (Owner of Furry Munchkins Pet Photography) 

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Share your ideas to win.

It can be really tough to decide how to celebrate our furkid's birthday (that's Evan in the video). I mean, he's such an important part of our family, and we really want to make sure his special day is memorable. But coming up with unique ideas can be overwhelming, and I often find myself stuck and unsure of what to do.

As a pet parent, your idea could land you a $350 photography voucher. This is a fantastic opportunity to capture beautiful memories of your furry friend. Thank you for your entry! 

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