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Cat Family Story #52: Katsu

What is the name of your cat?

Katsu Barnabas Kam is his full name!

Where is your cat family located in?

We're located in NSW, Australia.

What is the breed of your cat?

He is a little Munchkin!

How old is your cat?

He is currently 29.5 weeks.

Where can we find your cat on social media?

On Instagram @sir.little.legs

In a few short words/sentences, tell us about your cat's personalities.

Katsu is cheeky, purry, loving and super cuddly!

How has your cat transformed your life from the moment you've met him till now?

Our boys (dogs) have a little brother who loves snuggling now, which is perfect in this winter weather. I’ve also felt less anxious in the mornings because his purring helps me relax. It’s also really nice to come home from work and have him come to me for a snuggle as well. He’s definitely added even more joy to our family!

What does your cat mean to you?

He’s our precious baby boy! We absolutely love and adore him. He always brings a smile to our faces and makes us giggle at the silly things he does. He senses when I’m anxious and comes to purr on me to help calm me down. He gives me little massages when I come home from a hard day at work as well. He’s fit right into our family (zoo) from the moment he came home!

How did you and your cat first meet? Tell it to us in the form of a short story.

We already have a rat and 2 dachshunds, and I put my name down on the waiting list for a munchkin cat. I wanted to adopt a kitten and considered rescuing one of the ones that get surrendered to the vet clinic I work at, but they tend to find loving homes quite easily. One day, I was told that a registered munchkin cat breeder in Queensland had 3 kittens still available for adoption, so I contacted her. I’m not sure why they hadn't found homes yet, because they were all gorgeous! We have a house full of boys, so we went with another boy. Due to Covid-19, getting him across the border was super difficult, but the morning we picked him up from the meetup point, we knew it was all worth it. The moment I held him for the first time, he snuggled up to me and started purring straight away. It was love at first sight for sure!

What do you think your cat thinks of you?

We’re his pawrents, giver of food and belly/cheek rubs!

Your cat is part of your family. What are some things they do that make you think that she considers you part of theirs?

We provide for him and give him lots of love and attention (as we would a human child).

Why do you feel that it is important to show the world that Cats are Family?

I think it’s easy for people to consider dogs as family, but to quite a lot of people, cats aren't viewed the same way, because they are seen as “feral animals”. I grew up in Indonesia, where there are definitely a lot more stray/wild/feral cats around. I hope that we can show them that cats can also make wonderful family members. For our family, both dogs (Chibi & Genji) and Katsu all get along so well, and they clearly see each other as brothers!

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