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Ponyo's Dog Photo Shoot in Clifton Gardens, Sydney is guaranteed to melt your heart

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Here are some of our favourite photos taken at Ponyo and her family's recent dog beach photo shoot in Sydney. Be sure to check them out below!


More about Ponyo, the 9-year-old, Japanese Spitz.

"My name is Ponyo. I'm a Japanese Spitz. I like chasing bees, burping, playing hide 'n' seek, and sniffing 99.99% of things. 💩🐕❤️🐾🇦🇺" @ponyothespitz She is…

√ Very friendly towards people

√ Cautious around other dogs

√ Boisterous

√ Capable of running all day! Her favourite motivator is… √ Food/treats

What is her favourite motivator?

√ Food/treats

What is your number one goal for this pet photo shoot?

√ To get beautiful wall art of Ponyo

Where can find Ponyo on Instagram?



How well do you know Ponyo?

What is Ponyo's favourite "pose" for the camera?

  • Laying down

  • Sitting

  • Running

  • Chasing her ball

You can vote for more than one answer.

PS: Check out the answer at the end of this blog post! Scroll down 👇

Answer: Ponyo spent most of the time running after bush turkeys at her dog photo shoot.

So if you guessed that Ponyo's favourite camera pose is running and chasing after her ball you are correct!


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