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Cat Family Story #67: Wolfgang and Naamah

What are the names of your cats?

Wolfgang and Naamah (AKA Longboi and Thunderbutt!) 😂

Where is your cat family located in?

We live in NSW, Australia.

What are the breeds of your cats?

Naamah is a Tabby and Wolfgang is white (with the cutest black spots)

How old are your cats?

We believe they are almost 2 years old each, Naamah is a bit older.

Where can we find your cats on social media?

On Instagram @wolfgang_and_naamah

In a few short words/sentences, tell us about your cats' personalities.

Wolfgang is a cuddle bug, demands attention and yells to the high moon and howls if he doesn't get his way (usually if he's not allowed outside)

Naamah is a cunning opportunist. She likes cuddles ONLY on her terms and will generally stay quiet when Wolfgang is loud, but she is quick to share in any of his rewards and mock when he is spritzed with water!

How have your cats transformed your life from the moment you've met them till now?

They've helped me deal a lot with my control issues and my anxiety. They have taught me how to be at peace with my own company while others are around. They have really transformed my life for the better! I love them so much :)

What do your cats mean to you?

They are my children. They give me more smiles than frowns and it is so lovely to have these creatures around who love us and are not afraid to be themselves in our world.

How did you and your cats first meet? Tell it to us in the form of a short story.

We just moved into a place where we could have pets for the first time and so, of course, we discussed quickly, yet at length, about pets. Dogs were an option, but the backyard wasn't big enough. So we settled on 2 cats.

Looking online, it was hard to get ones as, during the worst of COVID-19, travel was not allowed to places too far away.

I eventually looked on Gumtree of all places! At first, it was for cat stuff, then I realised that a lot of local rescues posted on Gumtree! We looked through and I found a pair of cats that came as a pair. They looked soooooo cute!

I emailed the rescue and within 4 hours they responded with a questionnaire. Another 4 hours and we were on our way to get our little new furmily!

I was more than a little nervous, but the foster couple were so lovely and, after much coaxing with treats, we were on our way home.

Their little curious faces as they poked around the house for the first time... I'll never forget it. Wolfgang warmed up to us first, Naamah took a little while, but as soon as we received collars for them, she totally changed. It was like she KNEW we were furmily then!

What do you think your cats think of you?

I think they see me as a giver of food, mum, that human who wants cuddles, 'why is she always following us around outside?'

Your cats are part of your family. What are some things they do that make you think that they consider you part of theirs?

I really do believe, after having them for just over half a year, that our cats do consider us to be safe and home.

Naamah, when we put her collar on for the first time, she was ultra cuddly, almost like she knew we chose her to be a part of our family and she reciprocated the feeling! Wolfgang, he will always come to me and snuggle to me, he and I have a wonderful bond, he is a mumma's boy and gets away with murder! They both love staying near us in the same room most of the time.

Why do you feel that it is important to show the world that Cats are Family?

The stereotype that 'cats don't care' is one that I adhered too for a while. It's not that they don't care, it's that they have their own autonomy and can choose their relationship with you just as much as you choose yours with them.

They are complicated and independent, so you have to make a contract with them where both parties agree. They are great and can really teach you a lot about being interdependent!

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