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Dogs Are Family: Blackmans Park

Blackman's park is a fantastic dog park located in Lane Cove West and has something for all members of your family both furry and human!

Where is it?

It is located in Lloyd Rees Drive (off Wood Street) Lane Cove West.

It's just a 7-minute drive from Lane Cove Plaza and a 5-minute walk from Figtree shops.

What facilities does it have? Blackman's park has plenty of facilities to entertain the whole family! It has a:

  • Off-leash dog area

  • Fenced dog park

  • Kids Playground

  • Puppy Tail Cafe

  • Bushwalks

For Dogs:

Blackman's park has a large fenced off-leash dog park! It's split into two sections allowing both big and small dogs to have their own spaces! There are double-sided gates to make sure no pups can escape. This area has water available for dogs at bubblers in the park and plenty of garbage bins with free poo bags for your dog's waste!

The dog park also has a fantastic dog agility course that has several ramps, jumps and tunnels for you and your pup to brush up on your training skills!

If the dog park isn't for your pooch, the grass oval next to it is available to pups anytime there isn't organised sport on! It is available most days during school hours and after school as well as in the early morning or evenings on weekends.

For Humans:

Puppy Tail Cafe:

The brand new Puppy Tail cafe was just opened at Blackman's park and is perfectly situated right next to the fenced dog park. offering great food for both pup's and human's alike. For people, you can grab a quick bite to eat, with delicious muffins and ___.

For your pup's they offer puppychino's ☕️ or pupffles (waffle 🧇). Definitely, a treat you won't and your pooch won't want to miss out on!

The cafe is open 7 days: 7:00am - 5:00pm


This park is fabulous for walking your dog, both on and off-leash. Whilst there is a road that stretches the length of one side of the park, this is the main parking area and easily avoided if your pup doesn't understand 'come' command yet! (my pup often struggles with this command, particularly if we've forgotten her treats! 🍖 ). There is a walking track that surrounds the entire area, which is also shared with bikes, providing a great chance to walk your pup on a rainy 🌧 day and keep your pups 🐾 dry!

This park also has a number of bushwalks available. There is one that goes along the river banks of Blackman's park, which is both dog and child friendly, whilst relatively short, it gives your pup a chance to explore the mangroves and hopefully catch some new scents! There is also the longer Blackman Park to The Boreen walk which is a 2.6km waterside bushland walk with views of rocky cliffs, bushland and the river.


You won't have any trouble finding a place to park your car most days. Organised sport during the day on weekends (8am-4pm) is the only time you might struggle to find a park.

Our Thoughts:

This park is great for a family outing or just an everyday walk with your pup! It provides a range of different way's to entertain your dog and ensure that they have plenty of other pup's to meet and things to sniff! On a rainy day, the walking track provides a great way for you to keep your feet dry whilst still taking your pooch for his daily run. Overall this park is a fantastic option for you and your pooch!

Star's 🐶 Thoughts:

This is a fantastic park! I especially love the puppychinos ☕️ which I get as a special treat :) My favourite thing about this park is the agility course. I also love being able to run in the wide open grass and chase other dogs! Overall this is a fantastic park. I rate it a 4/5


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