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Why Book a Pet Photography Shoot for Pets and Family in Sydney Today

Here is a fact of life - we are always getting older. Literally, as every second passes. This is more true for our pets. I sometimes think back to when my cats were kittens and just how fast they became adults. Chai, Thyme and Evan grew in size and personality in what felt like a flash of time, as they discovered their part in family life in our cosy apartment in Sydney.

Photos (above): Me with Evan, my ginger cat, in 2017, 2018 and in 2021.

For this reason, the time is now to seize the moment and capture precious memories of your pets including cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs. If you are considering pet photography, our expert team at Furry Munchkins Pet Photography will organise everything to produce beautiful photos that you can display for all the years to come.

Let us share why now is the perfect time to schedule a pet photo shoot.

Reason 1: Because Pets are Family

Photo (above): Livia sharing a beautiful moment with her cat during our cat photo shoot in Sydney

A week or two after a newborn baby enters the world, we often see gorgeous photos flood social media of the new mum and dad cuddling their tiny love close to their hearts. The pride and joy can instantly be felt through the screen.

Why not capture the love you share for your fur baby or fur kid with professional pet photography? Your cat or dog is also a fundamental member of the family pack. Like so many, my three cats are my wife and I’s babies at this stage of our lives. And once the two-legged variety arrives, Chai, Thyme and Evan will still hold such a big chunk of our love, and so will their presence on our walls.

Reason 2: To Make Memories that Last

Every phase of a pet’s life is meaningful, just like our own. Particularly for cats and dogs, the years go by quickly. To put this into perspective, a puppy and kitten become an adult at one-years-old! They enjoy around seven years of prime health until they are considered a senior for their remaining years.

No matter what chapter of life, our professional pet photography will show the true essence of your pet’s personality in real time to create lasting memories.

Our pet photography service in Sydney encourages you and the whole family to feature in the photos with your pet to remember this moment in time. The beauty of hiring a pet photographer is that you can also feature in the images rather than being stuck behind the lens.

Photo (above): Sammy and his family with their four kids and furkids at our dog family photo shoot at Clifton Gardens Reserve, Mosman.

Reason 3: To Create Conversation

A picture tells a thousand words. This famous saying holds true for me and is one of the reasons I love my profession of pet photography in scenic Sydney.

Photo (above): Family portrait of Gypsy, Digger (new puppy addition) and Banjo at Fagan Park Reserve

What lights me up is being able to help pet parents celebrate the love and special bond they share with their cats, dogs and even rabbits and pocket pets. When I return to my computer after a pet photo shoot, I’m always blown away by the love that is so obvious between my clients and their furry companions. This close relationship makes it easy for me to photograph stunning moments, which may otherwise have been difficult to do themselves.

Photo (above): Our framed wall art collection is done for Vicki and her family, involving her two gorgeous cats.

My team at Furry Munchkins Pet Photography will help create happy conversations in your home thanks to our quality productions of photos, wall art, portraits and photo albums that last a lifetime. That’s because your relationship with your pet is a charming talking point and our goal is always to show your genuine special bond.

Reason 4: To Show How We are Growing

Photos (above): Piper the Bengal cat and her Cat Mum during their two cat family photo shoots taken in 2020 and 2021.

Regular family photos are the best way to show how we are growing together! Like the annual school photo of our kids, a professional photo shoot with our cats and dogs every year or every few years will document the beauty of each life stage we share.

From the playful puppy and kitten years to the time of greying brows, aging happens much faster for our pets. We feel lucky to have these short years together, so it is a great idea to record these precious moments together often with the help of a professional photographer. Let Furry Munchkins Pet Photography feature your whole family together over the years.

Reason 5: To Capture Your Environment

Do you have a favourite place you like to hang out at with your pet? Pet portraits can be taken at your family home or at a nearby outdoor location that is relaxing for you and your cat or dog. Our cat photographers and also dog photographers are big believers in creating a comfortable setting for everyone to help us take relaxed photographs.

Does your dog love to chase? Do you often go to the beach? Or are they more of a homebody these days, who likes to be by your side when you have a cuppa? To be natural is key here, especially for shy cats that have never been out on a cat lead before.

Happy pets + happy pet parents = incredible photographic moments.

What's next? Contact Us

We are always keen to talk with you about the best photography setting for your loved pet and answer any questions about our service. Call us on 0468 462 730 or book your meet and greet call with me here.


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