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Looking for the Best Dog Photographer in Sydney for your family? The Definitive Guide

Your dog means the world to you and he/she is part of the family. You want a tangible way to:

  • Celebrate the relationship they have with you.

  • And to keep these amazing memories of them with you forever.

You've come to the decision that you want beautiful portraits of them to keep forever. But, you don't know where to start!

Today, I'm going to show you how you can find the best person to take professional photos of your dog and family. We'll go step by step as we help you find the best option for getting amazing portraits of your pet family.

Step 1: Think about why you want to get professional dog photos in the first place.

Asking yourself "why" is always the best place to begin! Here are the 4 most common reasons why people approached us for a dog photo shoot.

We asked all 197 of our pet photo shoot clients why they wanted portraits of their dogs. And here's what they had to say.

Here is a summary of our key findings:

  1. 65% of pet parents wanted professional photos to capture the happy memories of their dogs as they were getting on in age. They knew that they wouldn't be with them forever. (We know first-hand what it feels like to lose our furkid)

  2. The next most common reason was to get beautiful, candid photographs of their dogs and family. All they had were half-decent selfies. Lots of people wanted family portraits, especially with any new additions. Most people came to us because they did not want "posed, unnatural typed shots at a studio".

  3. 60% of pet owners also wanted natural, candid shots of their dogs having fun. They wanted a variety of action shots and close-ups that captured their personality. They weren't able to capture these photos well using their phones or cameras.

  4. A small percentage of dog owners wanted us to capture specific events and occasions. This includes an engagement photoshoot or a birthday party with their dog.

Now might be a good time to jot down all the reasons why you would want to hire a pet photographer to take photos of your pet.

Step 2: Think about the type of photos that you are after.

Pet Photography is an art. With any art form, there will be many different artists doing very different work. The key is to find the type of artwork that best suits what you're after. Now is the best time to look through a variety of Pet Photographers' work to see what best suits you.

When looking at their photos on their website or social media, be sure to consider three things. First, look out for the connection and emotions that each photograph makes you feel. Second, can you see you and your dog in that photograph? Third, do they take photos of pets alone or with their family too?

The best way for us to find out what you're after is to send you a questionnaire before our session. We personalise every photo session for our clients to make sure they are happy with the outcome.

PS: Want to see what we ask in the questionnaire? Email us here and we will send it to you.

Step 3: Next, it's time to check out the options available for you.

There are a few Pet Photographers to choose from in the Sydney, New South Wales region. We typed in "Sydney Pet Photography" on google and here's what we found on the first page... Here are some to check out! Narrow these options down to your favourites.

  1. Furry Munchkins Pet Photography (I'm Keefe! We specialise in natural light outdoor and indoor photo shoots)

  2. Pawtastic Photography

  3. Two Guinea Pigs Pet Photography

  4. Fuzzy Beast Studio (Studio photo shoots)

  5. Portraits of a Pet

  6. Love Pets Photography (Studio photo shoots)

  7. Ruthless Photos

  8. Sonia M Pet Photography

  9. Allira Fontana Photography

Step 4: Ask your favourite Pet Photographers these 8 questions before you hire them.

  1. Find out their story. What got them into Pet Photography in the first place? This will tell you about their motivations, which may factor into the type of photos that they take.

  2. I'm interested in XYZ photos, can you show me more photos that fit these criteria? Eg. Could you show examples from your own work of photos of dogs in a specific location, with the entire family/kids/babies?

  3. Do they have a studio or do they do natural light, outdoor pet photo sessions?

  4. If they do outdoor photos, which areas within Sydney and New South Wales do they service? What are some locations they recommend?

  5. What are the products and packages that they offer?

  6. What are the prices for the products?

  7. What is their experience with a specific breed of dog like yours?

  8. Talk to them about your specific concerns. One common concern that people ask us is, "Our dog can't be off-leash, can we still get great photos of him/her?" Our answer to that is YES! In fact, most of the photos you see on our website are of dogs on leads. Contact us to find out how we make them disappear!

Step 5: Arrange to have a chat with them in person or over the phone.

Photo (above): Me (Keefe) with the beautiful labradors, Soda (left), and Holly (right) at Western Sydney Parklands.

Remember, if you aren't quite sure about the pet photographer you are talking to, don't worry. Talk to another pet photographer to decide if they are better suited for you and your dog. Choosing the right person for you involves talking and getting to know them too. You can't do this just over email or text. Take the time to have a conversation with them.

My team and I are always up for a chat! We know that every family and their furkids are unique. This is why we always have an online video call to meet you, your dogs, and to find out exactly what you're looking for in a professional dog photographer.

At this point, you would have decided on the best pet photographer to take photos of your family. Congratulations! Next, find out what are the next steps to getting incredible photos of your furkid.


It isn't difficult to find the right Pet Photographer to capture memories of your dog and family. With this definitive guide, you don't need to spend time wondering who is the best person for the job.

Your dog is a crucial part of your family and means the world to you. Invest the time to find someone who cares about you and your dog! Chances are, you won't be doing a pet photography session every year. So make this photo session count! Use this guide to find the best person to capture amazing photographs of your furkid.

At any point in your search, be sure to reach out to ask us any questions or for any help. As pet parents ourselves, we know the joys of having a dog as part of the family. We want the very best for you! Even if we're not the right pet photographer for you, we will help point you in the right direction.

What's next?

Do you have any questions about anything we said here? Please click here and arrange a chat with us! We'd love to hear all about you and your furkid.


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