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These 4 gorgeous Schnauzers posing for the camera at our Dog Photo Shoot in Fagan Park, Sydney

More about this beautiful Schnauzer family

"We were lucky enough to find a gentle and loving soul we called Ella. After which, we fell in love with the miniature schnauzer breed. When Ella was a few years old we found Rose and instantly fell in love with her.

As Ella aged we decided to get a new friend for Rose. We found a loving and caring breeder and selected Daisy from them. When Ella passed we were heartbroken so decided to then get Lily. Last year we rehomed the beautiful Sprout (an ex-breeding girl) who needed a forever home to retire in. Now our schnauzer family is complete! We have 4 extremely loving, playful and affectionate girls.

ONE: Rose is a 10-year-old Schnauzer cross. She is absolutely beautiful, a quiet & gentle soul when at home. But can bark a lot when out & around other dogs.

TWO: Daisy is a 5-year-old Mini Schnauzer. She is a petite and super sensitive, snuggly and affectionate girl.

Photo of a Schnauzer at Fagan Park in Sydney

THREE: Sprout is a 5-year-old Mini Schnauzer. She is very anxious around new people and can present as aggressive (lots growling and barking) but would never hurt anyone.

FOUR: Lily is a 2-year-old Mini Schnauzer. She is the most affectionate, loving, friendly and happiest dog I have ever known. She just loves everyone, everything and everywhere we go.

"All four girls are the best of friends and play continuously."


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